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Toliets & Bidets
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YOYO Electronics Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

Function of YB2025

The nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after each use

Twin Nozzle
One is for cleansing of the posterior part. With bubbles smooth and tidy cleansing is more than expected. Another one is for feminine hygiene.

Once you press the button MASSAGE durig WASH or BIDET, water sprays up and down repeatedly. This relaxes the parts and stimulates the bowel movement, consequently helpful for constipation and hemorrhoids.

Cleansing(Wash & Bidet)
Wash for family hygiene and BIDET for feminine hygiene. Temperature and water pressure are adjustable up to 4 levels.

Anti-Slam Lid/Seat
The lid and seat close smoothly and gradually
Energy Saving
When not in use, water and seat temperature lower automatically to the pre-heating level, minimizing power consumption

Control Paenl of YB2025

Table of Functions : YB2025

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YOYO Electronics Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Hwang-geun Ahn
823, Dohwa-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon
Product Category
Toliets & Bidets
Company introduction

"YOYO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD is poening up a new era up-to-date Information Technology." With the leading technology and experience in the domestic market, YOYO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD has been securing a high position in the information technology industry.

We will make progress steadily toward our goal, the best in the world, with our new technology and experience accumulated for more than a decade. We will strive endlessly to be your reliable partner. Since 1993, YOYO has one of the leading companies proming the lifestyle and health benefits of electronic bidets.

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