Nylon Cambrelle Nonwoven Nylon Lining for Nylon Shoe Linings (Manufacturer!)

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nylon fabric, nonwoven nylon lining, nylon cambrelle, nylon lining,
Fashion , 100% Nylon Fabric , Nonwoven Fabric , Interlinings & Linings , Shoe Fabric

Xinhua Share Co.,LTD Fujian

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China China /
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Product name Nylon Cambrelle Nonwoven Nylon Lining for Nylon Shoe Linings (Manufacturer!) Certification -
Category Fashion
100% Nylon Fabric
Nonwoven Fabric
Interlinings & Linings
Shoe Fabric
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Product Information

Product Name: Nylon Cambrelle Nonwoven Nylon Lining Nonwoven Nylon Fabrics (Manufacturer)

Product Details:

       Type: Nonwoven Nylon Lining

      Technics: Nonwoven

      Width: Max 3.0m

      Model No: Nonwoven Nylon Fabrics

      Materials: 100% Polyamide

      Place of Origin: China

      Model: Nylon Cambrelle


Payment & Shipping Terms:

      Minimum Order Quantity: 1 x 20' FCL

      Delivery Time: 20 - 30 days

      Payment Terms: L/C, T/T


Detailed Product Description



1. Made of 100% Polyamide,

2. Weight: 110 - 180gsm

3. Embossing: Line, Cross, Herringbone

4. Width: Max 3.0m

5. Color: Main color are white and black, other color need client’s samples or color card.

Packing: Usually one plastic bag and one waving bag, or according to clients' requirements.


B2B Trade

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Xinhua Share Co.,LTD Fujian

Country / Year Established
China China /
Business type
Weijiang Nian
Xinhua Industrial Park Niancuopu Longhu Jinjiang Fujian China
Product Category
Fashion,Nonwoven Fabric
No. of Total Employees
over 2000
Company introduction

Xinhua Share Co., LTD Fujian has being a leading manufacturer and well-reputated exporter specialized in nonwoven materials in China since 1999. Our products include nonwoven fabrics, shoe materials, shoe insole board, shoe interlining, toe puff, thermoplastic materials for shoes, nylon cambrelle, synthetic leather based fabrics, nonwoven environmental filter materials etc. With vast experience and advanced technology, we can provide you high quality products and services at the best price to make your business more competitive in your market.


Having integrated research, development, production, trade and management as a whole, we are able to satisfy customers changing needs effectively. Moreover, covering a 250,000-square-meter factory area, we have more than 2,500 highly skilled employees, highly qualified professionals and managers.


Meanwhile, the company is in possession of 18 advanced non-woven production lines, including needle punched, hot rolling stitch bonding, finalizing and bonding equipment. Therefore, the annual production capacity has reached 8,000 metric tons for non-woven series products.


Presently, we are looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more details.
Contact Person: Mr. Galen Shen
M S N: galenshen888 at hotmail. com Skype: galenshen888

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