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10 OLT Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level1

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Main products Smart Gird System, SGS
Esaver-T(Smart Energy Saver)
SCVT(Smart Constant Voltage Transformer)
Smart Step Voltage Regulator

Product Information

Esaver(Smart Energy Saver), Globally Intelligent, Innovative Energy Saving system.
Basic features : Best Energy saving + Stable voltage+ High  efficiency + Power-factor control + Surge control + Harmonics control + Phase unbalance control

Providing world best energy saving
First Energy saver from high voltage over 6.6kV
Decrease in malfunctions of appliances,
Decrease in black-outs
Enhance lives of electrical and industrial devices,
Change into world best highly efficient electrical infrastructure,

Increase productivity.

  • Voltage stability           :Plus/minus 0.25% (World best)
  • Capacity                     : 500KVA ~ unlimited MVA, 3phase, 50/60Hz
  • Primary voltage           :Plus/minus 15% of 66kV~3.3kV
  • Secondary voltage        :Plus/minus 0.25% in 6.6kV ~66kV
  • Target users                : Factories, buildings etc.
  • Where to install           : Before Transformers
  • Energy Saving effect     : 20 ~50%


VR, filters of harmonics, surge, power-factor, phase unbalance etc.