Evaporation boat in vacuum

Evaporation boat in vacuum

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Zibo Taisheng Industry & Trade Co.,ltd

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Evaporation boat - Vacuum evaporation for non ferrous metal

Evaporation boat made by Taisheng is a new type of ceramic boat which combined with titanium diboride(TiB2) and boron nitride(BN) , can be widely used in vacuum metalizing equipment .


We can produce different sizes according to customers'  requirements.

Characteristics of Evaporation boat:

 High chemical resistance to molten metals

Excellent resistance to thermal shock

Service temperature up to 2000 deg in an inert atmosphere .


Evaporation boats are mostly used as a heater to evaporate aluminum , copper ,silver etc in vacuum condition for producing of metalized film, paper , plastic ,glass . Main application are films for food packaging ,condenser ,CRT , monitor and OLED

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Zibo Taisheng Industry & Trade Co.,ltd

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China China /
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Xilongjiao village ,Kunlun town ,Zichuan dist ,Zibo city ,Shandong province, China
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Zibo Taisheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.is located in Kunlun town of Zichuan district and near 205 national highway. It is a high and new technology enterprise integrate research, production, and marketing. Our main products include more than 70 varieties of 4 series like Silicon nitride ceramic, Aluminium titanate ceramic, Alumina ceramic and ceramics machinery.


The total area of our workshop is 13000 m2, and we get 3 isostatic pressing machines of bore 400mm, 2 isopressing machines of bore 1000mm,

7 sets of 8m3 vacuum nitriding furnace and the aisan biggest one set of 4M3 2200 Autocontrol high temperature vacuum nitriding furnace, we also have 8 sets of Shuttle Kiln with specifications of 1 M3,6 M3,12 M3 and 18 M3

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