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snow chain, stainless steel chain, steel chain,
Other Machinery Parts

Eastern Sun Co., Ltd.

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China China /
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Ordinary mild steel chain  DIN 5685 A/C short/long link chain
ASTM80 standard chain  DIN 763 link chain
NACM84/90 standard link chain DIN 764 link chain
NACM96 standard link chain  DIN 766 link chain
USA standard chain with hooks  Norwegian standard link chain
NACM90 machine/coil chain/passing chain Korean standard link chain
Australian standard link chain  G80 BLACK CHAIN
USA standard double loop chain  DIN5686 knotted chain
High tensle Lifting chains Chains of flight bar assemble for conveyor
High reliability hualage chain for coal shearer  Three-link chains for vehicle 
Round link chain for bucket conveyor  Chain for removing dregs conveyer for boiler
Super track chain  Round link chain for kiln
Round link chain for ship   Fishing chains
Lashing chains

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Eastern Sun Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China /
Business type
Attar Guan
637 Tailiu Road, Qingdao, China
Product Category
Steel Wire
Company introduction
Eastern Sun Co., Ltd.(ESCL) is located in Qingdao, China, Specializing in Marine, Mining, Industrial & Fishing Hardware and Accessories. Products of various specifications are available, and material are available in carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. We also modify original designs according to customer's request.
Our products:
Lifting, Sling, Rigging and Marine Hardware, Such as:
Wire Rope: Steel wire rope, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Covered Wire Rope
Chain: Ordinary Mild Steel Chain, ASTM80 Standard Chain, NACM84/90 Standard Link Chain, NACM96 Standard Link Chain, Australian Standard Link Chain, DIN763/766,5685 Link Chain, Norwegian Standard Link Chain,  Korean Standard Link Chain, G80 Black Chain, Lifting Chain, Fishing Chain, Snow Chain, etc.
Slings: Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Web Slings, Round Slings
Riggings: Shackle, Wire Rope Clips, Sleeve & Bushings, Turnbuckle, Thimble, Bolt & Swivel, Hooks, Snap Hooks, Link & Ring, Load Binder, Tools, Others.
G100 & G80 Riggings: G100 rigging, G80 Connecting Link, G80 Safety Hook, G80 Clevis Hook, G80 Eye Hook, G80 Link & Ring & Swivel, G80 Shackle, G80 Else Products.
Cargo Control: Ratchet Tie Down & Fittings, Winch, Clamps
Pulley & Blocks: Light Duty Blocks, Strengthen Wire Rope Blocks, Wooden Blocks, American Type Blocks, Korean Type Blocks, Marine Snatch Blocks, Other Blocks, Stainless Steel Blocks
Anchor Chain & Accessories
Anchor: Hall Anchor, Army Anchor, Speke Anchor, M Anchor, US Stockless Anchor, Japan Stockless Anchor, Baldt Anchor, Eight Fluke Anchor, Matrosov Anchor, Danforth Anchor,  Model C Anchor, Stock Anchor, M Anchor, Plough Anchor, BB Type Anchor, Slip Ring Anchor, Lula Anchor, Folding Anchor, Mushroom Anchor, River Anchor, Tang People Anchor, 2 Fluke Anchor, Net Anchor 4 Fluke Anchor, 5 Fluke Anchor, Straight Anchor, Bend Anchor, Counter Weight, Anchor Absorber,
Boat Fittings: Cleat, Angle Fairleads With Two Wheels, Bow Chocks, Skene Bow Chocks, Steel Bollard, Hom Bollard, Malleable Dolphin, Deck Hinge, Ring Hinges, Ring Cleat, Rail End, Top Cap, Top Slide, ,  Stanchion Forward, Bowroller,  Anchor Chain, Swivel Anchor Chain, Turning Lock, Snap Shackle, Deck Hinge, Boat Hook, Antenna Base, Hawsepipe, Deck Filler, Deck Plate, Straoner, Thru Hull, Cross, Rod Holder, Water Sky Tow, Row Lock, etc.
Fiber Rope & Sisal Rope

Our products are selling well in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South-east Asia, South Africa, etc. We are making efforts to serve more customers all over the world! 
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