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beverage, gnctar, natural herbal tea,
Coffee & Tea

14 Botamedi.,INC

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    Characteristics of G'Nectar ®

    • No preservatives, No food coloring, No Caffeine added.
    • All Natural Herbal tea with no side - effect
    • 6 years of research and clinical studies from Hong Kong & Korean clinics
    • Patent pending in "Improvement of Liver Function & Prevention from Liver Disease
      (Korea, U.S.A and World Patent)
    • Fast recognition of efficacy (within 1 hour)

    What is G'Nectar ®

    Our organ cells need inter/intra-cellular communications to maintain their healthy condition. Excessive fats and oily cells block this communication and generate inflammation, which attacks our immune system. If we remove the excessive fat and oily parts from the cells, our organs(liver, spleen and pancreas) become healthier.
    G'Nectar ® results in fatigue control, immune boost, stress release and healthy cell restructuring.

    Who needs G'Nectar ®

    • People who get tired easily from stress, hangover, long driving and other physical activities.
    • Students who want to concentrate better while studying for exams or preparing homework
    • People who want to wake up fresh in the morning
    • People with chronic fatigue
    • Women with menstrual problems and needing more vitality
    • Elder people who needs more energy in life
    • To help recover from any kind of disease

    The proof is in our satisfied customers!

    "You will NOT have a hangover if you drink a G'nectar that evening!"
    - Leah (Austin, Texas)

    "Three glasses of wine usually spells disaster for me the next day. One G'nectar prevents any headache the next day."
    - Debbie (Olympia, Washington)

    "I can work like crazy, sleep like a rock(fewer hours), wake up refreshed, and I'm feeling great!"
    - Kevin (Dallas, Texas)

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    14 Botamedi.,INC

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Shin HyunCheol

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      A-307, Jeju Bio Industry Center, Ara1-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 690-121 Korea

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    • Company introduction

      Livechem. Inc., since it was organized in 1994 when they started to develop a new paradigm of drug development with both safety and effectiveness, especially in the area of chronic degenerative diseases, it has been dedicating its maximum force to research and development of natural medicine for the prevention and fundamental treatment of Metabolic Syndromes and related chronic degenerative diseases.

      Through its international collaboration networks including U. of Washington (Drs. E.Y. Chi and S.M. Stein), Ohio State U. (Drs. G.D. Stoner, H.J. Hwang and T. Chen) National Institute on Ageing (Drs. B.H. Lee and, N.H. Greig), Kyoto U. (Dr. M. Komeda), Hanbat National U. (Drs. B.W. Choi, J.H. Park), Chungnam National U. (Drs. J.S. Kang, C.S Myung), Konyang U. (K.B. Lee, J.U. Hong) and Fibronol, LLC (Dr. C. Palmer and J. Shimada) and many others, it has been developing a natural medicinal agent on prevention and recovery from cardiovascular diseases, yielding recent successful findings of Marine Polyphenol.

      Livechem. Inc. with its special vision on the future medicine for chronic and degenerative diseases, continues to move toward true human benefits.

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      • U.S.A U.S.A
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