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    Fibronol® is a unique supplement designed to provide nutritional support to fibromyalgia and CFS patients. Its primary ingredient includes patent-pending powerful polyphenol/phlorotannin extracts from brown algae that have uniquely strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also promote cardio-vascular system protection and weight-control. Fibronol also includes magnesium to promote tissue repair and growth, aloe vera for its anti-inflammatory properties, along with malic acid and Vitamin B-1 to help maintain normal cellular function and increase the level of ATP, the cellular-based energy source.

    Benefits of Fibronol

    • Promotes longer and deeper sleep
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Increases energy levels
    • Reduced discomfort
    • Supports cardio-vascular health
    • Enhanced memory over time
    • Healthy, natural weight loss

    Why choose Fibronol over competitive products?

    • Clinical testing of Fibronol proves its effectiveness in improving the quality of life for individuals with Fibromyalgia
    • Fibronol's ocean based algae blend of polyphenols and phlorotannins stay in the circulating blood much longer than similar compounds from land-based plants, and make
      Fibronol's effectiveness much longer lasting in supporting overall cardio-vascular health
    • Completely natural and safe food based supplement
    • Works in conjunction with other supplements and medicines, thereby avoiding the risk of "losing ground" by adding Fibronol to your current treatment program

    Fibronol has been proven both in the laboratory and with human trials to be very safe. Fibronol LLC is not aware of any discernable side effects to Fibronol other than the possibility of aggravating some fibromyalgia patients' pre-existing IBS-diarrhea conditions. As a result, Fibronol may generally be taken as an adjunct to your existing treatment program (i.e., added on top of whatever else you are currently doing). However, fibromyalgia patients with pre-existing IBS conditions should gradually build up their dosage levels of Fibronol and/or FibroBoost® to avoid potential aggravation of their IBS symptoms and to understand their individual dosage thresholds or tolerances. Fibronol is manufactured in accordance with FDA approved current Good Manufacturing Practices ("cGMP").

    In clinical studies Fibronol showed a directional dose-response and body weight relationship, i.e., higher doses for some did elicit greater increases in sleep, energy and comfort. Based on these results, FM patients weighing more than 175 pounds should consider supplementation of an additional 3-6 capsules/day of Fibronol or 2-3 capsules/day of FibroBoost with their regular (6-capsule) Fibronol dosing, in order to optimize their FM symptom management.

    In the past, patients who have taken Fibronol with favorable results, but who stopped taking the product for whatever reason, have typically noticed that they sank back to their baseline condition (i.e., severe sleep disorder, chronic fatigue, increased discomfort, etc.) within several days to a week following cessation of daily dosing. Assuming you find favorable results in multi-symptom management with this unique nutraceutical, we strongly recommend that you continue to take Fibronol on a daily basis.

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    14 Botamedi.,INC

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Shin HyunCheol

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      A-307, Jeju Bio Industry Center, Ara1-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 690-121 Korea

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      Livechem. Inc., since it was organized in 1994 when they started to develop a new paradigm of drug development with both safety and effectiveness, especially in the area of chronic degenerative diseases, it has been dedicating its maximum force to research and development of natural medicine for the prevention and fundamental treatment of Metabolic Syndromes and related chronic degenerative diseases.

      Through its international collaboration networks including U. of Washington (Drs. E.Y. Chi and S.M. Stein), Ohio State U. (Drs. G.D. Stoner, H.J. Hwang and T. Chen) National Institute on Ageing (Drs. B.H. Lee and, N.H. Greig), Kyoto U. (Dr. M. Komeda), Hanbat National U. (Drs. B.W. Choi, J.H. Park), Chungnam National U. (Drs. J.S. Kang, C.S Myung), Konyang U. (K.B. Lee, J.U. Hong) and Fibronol, LLC (Dr. C. Palmer and J. Shimada) and many others, it has been developing a natural medicinal agent on prevention and recovery from cardiovascular diseases, yielding recent successful findings of Marine Polyphenol.

      Livechem. Inc. with its special vision on the future medicine for chronic and degenerative diseases, continues to move toward true human benefits.

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