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10 Junshade Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

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Main products Curtain Motor with Rail
Curtain Motor
RF Receiver
Remote Controller

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AUTOLINE born from the accumulated  know how and extensive. Research & Development of JUNSHADE is a perfect product that will serve as your business partner with various convenient functions essential for the ubiquitous era and high quality design that can harmonize with highly refined interior.

Experience first hand AUTOLINE that has careful consideration in every aspect. JUNSHADE is always ready for the successful business of your company.

2 Way R/F communication system

This system is applied for the first time in the world. Since it has superior directionability, it is controllable from long distance or even it there are obstacles.

Built-in transformer

It is easy to install with transformers built into the motor, and gives a neat feel interior wise.


One-touch system

You can easily attach / dismantle the motor from rail with One-Touch system.


Polyurethane belt

Since stainless wires are densely built in inside the highly durable polyurethane belt. it does not change in any environment, and there is no stretching due to the weight of the fabric.



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