Water Ionizer Series (C-1000)

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    Water ionizer series (C-1000)

    • Water Quality Selection Function (High, Medium, Low Quality Water)
    • Two-Filter Method
    • Direct Water Supply Connection
    • Water Flow Control Function
    • Melody Selection Function (3Types)
    • Auto Voice Alert Function

    -. Product Specifications

    Model Medicinal substance-producing equipment
    Purpose The water ionizer generates alkaline ionized water of pH 8.5 up to 10.0 by the electrolysis processing of tap water. Its efficacy with digestive symptoms (chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal digestion episodes, excess secretion of stomach acid) is one of the numerous benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water generated in hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of 9.5.
    Rated input power AC 220V, 50/60HZ
    Power consumption 150W
    Operating water pressure 1.0~5.0kgf/cm2
    Operating water temperature 5~30°C
    Control method one-touch controls
    Activation method tap water valve control
    Electrolysis device

    electrolysis method / continued electrolysis
    Electrolysis steps: four steps for alkaline water and one step for acidic water.
    Water amount of electrolysis treatment / 0.3 liter/min~3.3 liter/min (including both acidic and alkaline water).
    Cleaning type / automated.
    Electrolysis pole plate material / Platinum titanium.

    Water purification mechanism Filter exchange type / cartridge exchange type.
    Filter life display / FND numeric display.
    Over temperature protection
    Built-in temperature bi-metal (thermostat).
    Water feed method

    direct coupling with tap water.

    • Rated power protection method and grading: Second-grade device, B-type equipment.
    • Rated power, voltage and frequency: Single phase 220V, 50/60HZ.

    (This device is sold as “ medical equipment”, please read “Operational precautions” and “User manuals” carefully before using the product.)

    -. CLION's unique secret

    1. Full Automatic Control by a MICOM
    The built-in semiconductor chip automatically controls water flow and water quality to find the optimal operation conditions.

    2. Convenient One-Touch Operation
    The solenoid-valve technology eliminates the troubles of opening and closing the tap water each time.

    3. World’s First to apply the Water Quality Selection Function
    Production of the alkali water has been optimized by applying the water quality selection function to sort out high/low quality water or underground water.

    Product can be safely and conveniently used with the voice information of operation status and caution alarms.

    5. Automatic Indication of Filter Replacement Cycles
    Numerical indicator informs the use of the remaining life of the filter and when to replace the filter.

    6. Beautiful Design
    Quality external finish and refined design blends in well with the household interior.

    7. High performance 16-step two filter mechanism
    Enjoy the most reliable and safest water with the 16-step mechanism to optimize the custom purification operations for water quality.
    The two-filter purification system helps to maintain an optimal purification performance, and the combination filter arrangement is designed to prevent the propagation of microorganisms.

    8. Clean cell system
    No remaining source (tap) water in the electrolysis cell, or inside the product, helps to maintain a fresh continuous supply of water.

    9. Producing 6 types of Water
    Purified water, acidic water and 4 type of alkali waters are produced for the requirement of each user.

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