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MIS Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name LASER DECAPER Certification -
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Product Information

[Function & Features]
- Automatic laser decapsulation system 
- All types of semiconductor package can be removed
- Any material(Au, Cu, Al) of wire part and 2nd bonding area can be opened 
- Effective decapsulation solution for Cu wire chip : Minimize the damage on Cu wire by chemical etching after laser operation
- A few hundred microns of EMC on die surface can be opened with chemical etching(by manual or MIS Wet Etch : Minimal acid use)
- Easy, simple, fast and safe operation
  > Vision camera provides real time image
  > User can set the decap area by mouse drag / numerical value input
  > Superimposing X-ray image on captured sample picture is available
  > Auto door lock : System door is not opened during operation
  > Z axis adjustment available by PC program 
- User can observe the operation process through the window(protected from laser radiation)                     
- Repetitions made simple using recipe files
- Fume & Dust can be exhausted (Option: Fume & Dust collector)
- Laser: ND YVO4 1064nm   
- Guide Laser: 632nm Laser Class 2(Red Beam)  
- Dimension: 850(W) x 600(D) x 1450(H) mm 
- Weight: Approx. 150 kg  
- Handling IC Size: 2x2 mm ~ 100x100 mm 
- Vision Camera: Color  
- Utility 
   Roted Voltage : AC 220V, 1 Phase 
   Roted Current : 15A 
   Roted Frequency : 50 ~ 60 Hz  
- Program 
  User Interface : Window Based Graphical User Interface
  X-ray image data import available(Superimposition)  
- Option: Fume & Dust Collector

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MIS Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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#709, Daehyun Techno World 174, Ojeon-dong, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Product Category
Plastic Product Making Machinery
No. of Total Employees
over 2000
Company introduction
MIS Co., Ltd. is a Manufacturing Company producing Semiconductor tester machines. We developed a Encapsulation Machine, Which removes automatically EMC(Epoxy Molding Compound) of Packaged semiconductor chips without any damage of wire bonds. When the examined packaged chip is judged to have defects, the Encapsulation process determines the defects in a semiconductor whether it was blemished in the packaging process or the wafer process. Our Decipher Machines makes it possible to open the packaged chip quickly and it automates the whole process of opening the failed chip. - Computer GUI All the functions and operations are controlled by Graphic User interface using Computer. - Accuracy 0.01mm Milling Accuracy of the milling depth. MIS auto Decipher detects the height automatically using sensor. MIS Auto Decipher can test various sizes of the chips ranged 1mm x 1mm ~ 50mm x 50mm. - Convenient Operation User can easily find and use a best automatic process using recipe files stored in a database. User can easily create new recipe and edit it. Milling, Chemical process, Cleaning, Inspection, Storing of digital images, Checking of Machine settings or errors can be easily executed by GUI. - Safety MIS Auto Decipher secures the safety from the acid gas evaporation using gas exhauster and it use the minimum chemicals. - Dispensing MIS Auto Decipher has a special pump, which can inject Fuming Nitric Acid, Fuming Sulfuric Acid or Sulfuric Acid by 0.005cc(Min.) to remove the Epoxy Molding Compound of a chip. - Various Handling IC MIS Auto Decipher uses various chemical dosing methods and this makes it possible to decamp various package types such as BGA, DIP, QFP, CSP, TSOP, PBGA, Most of package types. - Speedy process MIS Auto Decipher can remove the EMC of various chips faster than before. Usually BGA type takes tome not more than 20 minutes and NON-BGA type can be executed within 15 minutes. - No Need of Gasket MIS Auto Decip
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