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Poongsan Holdings Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1968
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With the completion of the Angang plant in the early 1970's Poongsan began operating its own forging facility. Soon thereafter, the Korean government designated Poongsan as a national precision technology plant and calibration center. Additionally, Poongsan's Angang plant is recognized globally as an international certification test center.

Over the past four decades, Poongsan has demonstrated that it is a dedicated and dependable supplier of parts to its customers in various industries. It has diligently and tirelessly invested in the acquisition and development of technology in the field of precision forging. Poongsan acquired certification in ISO/TS 16949 and SQ Mark,enabling it to supply parts to the automobile industry. It has also received similar approval to produce and supply parts to the shipbuilding industry. Additionally, Poongsan has supplied small scale body parts for military weapons to the defense industry. Since the incorporation of two impressive hydraulic presses – 12,000 tons and 6,000 tons, respectively - into its production line in 2004, Angang plant has had the capacity to produce larger scale products such as aluminum wheels for tanks, and body and metal parts for warheads, guided missiles and torpedoes. In addition, Poongsan produces turbine blades, a component used by manufacturers of aircrafts

Angang plant is fully equipped with a complete quality assurance system required by domestic and global automobile and shipbuilding manufacturers. To that end, the Angang plant is organized to maintain independent production systems for different forging product categories. The plant is equipped with sophisticated and comprehensive test centers to further ensure the superior quality of its products. Furthermore, the DEFORM(Design Environment for Forming) system for forging process design has enabled Poongsan to provide superior forging products at reduced costs and shorter delivery times to its customers.

Poongsan is committed to ensure a continued supply of quality as well as competitive products to its customers. Poongsan’s R&D is currently focused on enhancing cold and hot precision forging and various other processing technologies in an effort to develop and mass produce essential parts for the transportation industry.

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Poongsan Holdings Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1968
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Ryu, Mok-ki
60-1, 3-ga, Chungmuro, Chung-gu, Seoul
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Other Minerals & Metallurgy Products
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Company introduction

Copper is one of the basic material on which mankind has built up its civilization. Copper is the first metal that man discovered, and it is the metal that has been used most profitably for the longest time. Today, copper still has diverse applications ranging from products for living necessities to products for high-tech applications.

During its 32-year history, Poongsan has concentrated its capabilities on the development and mass production of copper-based alloys that have become indispensable materials to a majority of industries. Its consistent business activities for three decades have allowed Poongsan to become the top enterprise in the world's nonferrous industry. It has also managed to continue pioneering the domestic industry.

On the strength of top-notch technological expertise and its wealth of experience in metals, Poongsan has further expanded its business lines to include defense products and semiconductor components & materials. The company is now taking a lead role in these fields. With advanced technologies, a highly qualified engineering staff and up-to-date facilities, we are setting the pace in these fields and contributing to the creation of a better life for everyone.

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