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food bags, food packaging, food storage, packaging bags,
Food Packaging , Storage Boxes & Bins , Other Cookware & Cooking Tools , Food Bags , Plastic Packaging
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Chois Trading Company

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name Fresh Bag Certification -
Category Food Packaging
Storage Boxes & Bins
Other Cookware & Cooking Tools
Food Bags
Plastic Packaging
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Keyword food bags , food packaging , food storage , packaging bags Unit Size -
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Supply type - HS code 3923900000

Product Information

ㆍFunctional plastic bags capable of maintaining food freshness for even longer

ㆍMaterial: AR-34(patented material composed of approx. 30 natural substances) Polymer and other synthetic resins




ㆍZippys products enable fruits and vegetables to be maintained freshly for 50% to 300% longer.

ㆍZippys Fresh Bags prevent fruits and vegetables from decaying with the following effects of AR-34 composite materials;

      - Ethylene gas absorption effect

      - Far infrared ray radiation effect

      - Water absorption effect

      - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal effect

ㆍNo chemical additives and no endocrine disruptor

ㆍReusable more than 3 to 5times after cleaning and drying


ㆍType: normal bag, zipper bag

ㆍSize: Large, Medium, Small

ㆍColour: light ivory, transparent color

ㆍApplications: fruits, vegetables, cereals, kimchi, nuts, dried fishes, snacks


In addition to Zippys Fresh Bags, there are several kinds of Zippys products; plastic net pads and functional films for agricultural packaging, etc..


Zippys products have already been verified through the registration and application of Korea and international patents, and have passed the delicate certification procedures of the USFDA and the KFDA. Zippys products are produced using the 'Self-Grinding Method' which satisfies the HACCP.

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Chois Trading Company

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type


Won-Sim, CHOI
C-305 #36, Jinheung-ro 22gagil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-803 Korea
Product Category
Coating & Paint,Plastic Packaging,Shopping Bags
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Company introduction


Chois Trading Company(CTC) was founded in 2011 changing business field in shipbuilding brokerage firm, with the vision to be a significant marketing and distribution company of products which are beneficial to 'Man and Nature'.

The CTC deals in biodegradable resin products, foodstuffs, and consumer product.
We are concentrating our efforts on exporting safe and revolutionary products manufactured in an environmentally friendly way by Korean small and medium-

sized enterprises. We believe that most of our goods are capable of making lifestyle changes to benefit 'Man and Nature'. Many Korean small enterprises are floundering due to lack of overseas marketing ability even after they have developed those superior goods.

Accordingly, the CTC is up and working for our small enterprises, and further
making greater efforts to build up their brand power. We export all the items under their own brands for that object. We firmly believe that a generic brand product is often of equal quality as a branded product!

The CTC will try to span the world for new, innovative and quality products.
The CTC will certainly make every effort to provide safer and more practical goods at reasonable prices. Furthermore, the CTC will continue to grow up as not a self-interested pedlar but a trustworthy and competent trader for the good of 'Man and Nature'.

The CTC welcomes your enquiry and is always ready to supply your required

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