ENT Total Treatment Unit

ENT Total Treatment Unit

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1997
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Product Information

State of the Art Version of ENT Total Treatment Unit
The model of Millennium Grand is designed for installing all of component equipment in order for doctor to diagnose and treat patients in an integral way at the option, while the marble plate is put on the top for the efficient communication between doctors and patients.


Suction System (Main)
Oilless Motor Pump (250W)
100L/min, at 680mmHg
Suction Bottles (3000cc / 1500cc)
Suction System (Sub)
Oilless Motor Pump (130W)
40L/min at 650mmHg
Suction Bottles (1500cc 2EA)
Spray System
Oilless Air Compressor(250W)
Stainless Air Tank
100L/min at 7Kg/cm2
Spray Q'ty
Straight -3EA, Curved -1EA
Ventilation System
Automatic Operation at Lift-up
Anti-Fog System
Fog/Mist Eliminated on Endoscopes
Top Body
Artficial Marble
One TOuch Panel
All Parts Controlled by One-Touch
1,647(W) x 780(D) x 798(H)mm
Power Consumption
Class 1, Type B
License No.

Most Highly Upgraded ENT Workstation

  • Remarkably Much Higher Quality, Very Competitive Price, Long Life Sustainable Operation
  • High Fashionable & Attractive Overall Design, Integral ENT Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Higher Defined Endoscopic Display, Much Clearer Microscopic Display, Impressively Clean View Box
  • Built-in Endoscopes holder, UV Sterilizer, PC Installed
Remote Control
Control all of parts in a remote way, applied at the first time in Korea, with treatment efficiency maximized
One-Touch Control Panel
All of parts are controlled by one-touch local panel with gorgeous and simple illustration
Endoscopes w/ UV Strilizer
Four Endoscopes put into a slide holder with UV sterilizer installed in a drawer type.
Illumination Light
The illumination light helps to comfortably diagnose and treat patients, with versatile movement and heat emission of bulb minimized.
Slided Suction Bottle
The main suction bottle puts on the slided drawer for easy replacement.
Main Suction System
Main suction automatically operates whenever lifting-up from the hook, with powerful suction intensity.
Reagent Bottle Tray
Put a wide range of reagent bottles on the rotary movable tray, which can be shifted to the points users prefer.
Keyboard in a Small Drawer
The keyboard which puts on the slided slim drawer can be conveniently used for computer.
LCD Monitor
The LCD monitor displays the image transmitted from endoscopes and/or microscope system to share it with patients in trust.
Microscopic Visual System
The microscope system which is made by the state-of-the-art technology is used for boosting the performance in diagnosis and treatment.
Slim X-ray View Box
Control the light intensity precisely for reading X-Ray Films, while human anatomical chart is presented for patients in a vertical drawer type.
CCD Cameras w/ two Halogen L.S.
Two CCD Cameras w/ two halogen light sources (LS-250) installed as an option

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1997
Business type



In-Do, Eokum
Ohjun-dong,130-1, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Commercial Furniture,Medical Devices,Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Creative New Technology
to Realize the More Healthy Human Life.

We, MEDSTAR Co., Ltd. have been leading the domestic market,

not only by succeeding in localizing to make ENT medical equipment at the first time in the nation, but by continuously launching products remarkably distinguished from the other companies in this field, through ceaseless research & development activities, and have been currently exporting them to more than 40 countries around the world, with highly qualified products recognized.

Boosted by acquiring international certificates such as FDA, CE and ISO,etc., we’ve been doing ou 『 best to focus our innovative competence on establishing more systematic qualilly system, enhancing value added to products through contmuous R&D investment and fulfil ling company-wide followup managemenit so that well be able to grow into the world best company with competitiveness in this field.

Under the motto of company that reads, "the highest quality and the best services are the highest value MEDSTAR pursues",

we’re committed to always keeping the culture of respect for customer through technology and services for the new value creation in the future on the basis of the past 30 years of belief and passion

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China China

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Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Taiwan Taiwan

Viet Nam Viet Nam

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