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    DDR Inventor-V for Long Bone is a linear X-ray scanner which is designed to produce high quality, distortion free images with very low X-ray doses. It is designed to capture the whole spine & long bone image of a standing patient with a single scan without the need for stitching or vertical distortion. This lack of vertical distortion provides true size images in 1:1 scale for highly accurate measurements. Clever design also ensures equally high quality small body part sectional imaging.

    DDR Inventor-V adopts MIC detector with direct conversion of incident X-ray to electric signal, high fill factor without dead zone and without dead pixel, as well as a scanning system that can prevent scattered radiation with fan beam. These characteristics of MIC detector provide merit of high image quality with low dose irradiation against patient.

    DDR Inventor-V works by means of a vertical drive mechanism which moves the X-ray source and detector along the vertical axis to cover a field of up to 42 x 110 cm in a single continuous scan. It takes a maximum of 2.5 seconds and 5 seconds to do a chest and long body scan respectively. As soon as the scan is completed, data processing and digital image acquisition takes place within 2 seconds. The image produced is scalable allowing medical personnel to look at the full spine or long bone in one glance or zoom into a specific detail. In addition, the image, being digital, can be easily distributed. The system is fully PACS compatible for DICOM distribution and management.

    Health System Benefits

    l  14-bit contrast range (4 times wider than CR) – improved diagnostic capability.

    l  No distortion in the vertical axis (ideal for chiropractic and orthopaedic measurement)

    l  Up to 110 cm FOV (whole spine or whole leg in one scan – no stitching) – improved diagnostic capability and saving in staff time.

    l  Long life, robust gas detector – reduced life cost of hardware.

    l  “Stand alone” package – can be accommodated with minimal preinstallation works and disruption to existing departments.

    l  Very low dose (entrance surface dose less than one tenth of that required by conventional CR systems) – ideal for paediatrics and repeat examinations.

    l  Low-dose weight bearing examination bridges the diagnostic gap between (frequently inconclusive) conventional X-ray and (rare, expensive) upright MRI with optimal cost/risk ratio and good patient compliance.

    l  Affordable and convenient – price comparable with a conventional CR chest/bucky room, with negligible preinstallation requirement (using the standalone cabinet).

    l  Its speed of operation makes it a high throughput system that increases efficiency in patient exam time.

    l  Reasonable cost and low operational maintenance related expenses of the detector.

    l  The scanning system enjoys a long lifetime with constant image quality.

    Economic Operation & Maintenance

    DDR Inventor-V is an economic solution, since the MIC detector boasts long life time with consistent image quality. Supplied as a complete integrated system, the system price is far below comparable existing FPD DR system. FPD DR plates in particular are fragile and expensive. CR plates are inherently subject to wear. The MIC detector used in DDR Inventor-V does not suffer from wear or exhibit interpixel dead zones and is possible to replace if damaged. In addition, use of the DDR Inventor-V requires up to 80% less time to manage patients and display an image than CR; this may speed up the consultation process and potentially decrease associated staff costs.

    l  DDR Inventor scanning technology ensures reasonable cost of entry and low operational and maintenance costs.

    l  Potentially offsetting, the cost of the DDR Inventor-V is a reduction in investment in alternative CR or DR systems, the cost of which can vary significantly, and a reduction in the number of conventional X-rays (including repeat tests) carried out.

    l  More important than initial cost, the life of ownership costs is attractive due to low ongoing and maintenance costs.

    l  Even the core MIC detector is serviceable if ever required.

    Low Dose Radiation

    DDR Inventor-V scanning method ensures shorter exposure times than other radiography systems, which can be significant if the patient requires multiple X-rays, for example with scoliosis. The exposure time is effectively defined by the time of passing of the narrow beam over the selected tissues. This highly focused beam effectively eliminates large area X-ray doses, so reducing radiation exposure risk to patients and to staff. Patient is exposed to radiation layer-by-layer, as against the traditional radiography techniques where a wide beam acts simultaneously on the entire anatomical area. The low dose radiation has been identified as being particularly beneficial to scoliosis patients.

    l  X-ray dose used is estimated to be about 25% of other equivalent techniques.

    l  The patient dose is a factor of 10 less than conventional CR systems, which is very important for scoliosis work.

    l  It produces minimal amount of X-ray scatter which further minimizes radiation exposure to patients and users.

    l  The combinations of high sensitivity detector, narrow fan beam, absence of anti-scatter grid and short effective exposure time serve to lower patient exposure dose levels.

    l  With JSB DDR scanning system, the lower levels of radiation allow careful reconsideration of safe procedures for children and pregnant women.

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      <p>JSB Medics is an enterprise founded with the objective to grow as a Joint Star Business specializing in medical supplies, especially through research and development, production, and export. Supported by staff with the capacity to introduce top-of-the-line products and the passion for the well being of people all over the world, we will continue to challenge ourselves to become the company which gives value to society. JSB Medics will not cease to evolve into being to the medical device development and production company by basing all our activities on our business principles of competition in quality rather than quantity, original products rather than imitations, and creation of innovative products rather than extension of existing ones. The future industry value of JSB Medics will be shared by competent members that construct, execute, and create the future terra incognita

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      • CE Marked Digital X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V for Whole Spine and Long Bone

        CE Marked Digital X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V for Whole Spine and Long Bone

      • CE Approved DR X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V for Chest

        CE Approved DR X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V for Chest

      • Digital X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V

        Digital X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V

      • Digital X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V

        Digital X-Ray System / DDR Inventor-V

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