Rotary Table Press (GRC-S Series)

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery

14 Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd.

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    • GRC-S series of Sejong Pharmatech is designed and produced to be suitable for pharmaceutical company's labs, university research institutes, or small-scale production lines, while being characterized by simple but all-inclusive functions for tablet production.
      In particular, GRC-S series is a small tablet press that is able to produce a maximum of 132,000 tablets per hour and is aided by AWC system to produce tablet exactly as required. It implements a powder feeding system with a mechanical feeder as a basic option (customers can also select an open feeder as an option).
      Also, its large touch screen of 15 inches enables the user to easily operate the machine.

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    14 Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee, Won-woo

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      #419-4, Chungchun-dong, Pupyrong-gu, Incheon

    • Product Category

      Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery

    • Company introduction

      As the specialist in manufacturing pharmaceutical machineries, Sejong Pharmatech has over twenty years of accumulated know-how and excellence in making high quality and innovative pharmaceutical machines. Our machineries are made with thorough research and technological advancement to satisfy our client's needs.

      Being the supplier of high quality pharmaceutical machnines to more than 40 countries, Sejong Pharmatech regularly takes assessment for quality certification from the quality qccreditation agencies to comply with different countries GMP regulation and customer's specifications. Our company's top priority is to give cofidence to all our customers and to accomplish this, we are continuosly focusing on regulation and innovation.

      Sejong Pharmatech aims to provide its customers with the best products available, the answer to their long quest for highly innovative equipment that would provide broad range technical and mechanical excellence. Our customers' satisfaction is our greatest achievement, and pride.

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