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Ceramic Baby Bottles

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Product Information

Problem of Current Plastic Baby Bottle

As the import, manufacture, sales of current Plastic Baby Bottle products containing BPA (bisphenol A) are worldwidely banned, a new product of substitute materials that is not harmful for human body becomes needed.

Europe and Europe Union banned the import, manufacture, and sales of Plastic BPA Products, and they are totally banned from the year of 2012 in Korea. BPA is known as a substance of environmental hormone which works on the nervous system, fatally affecting the growth and development of the infants.

It is researched and reported that current products containing BPA are very dangerous, as BPA is eluted in case any products, with any scratches on their surfaces not being detected, are exposed to outside environment such as high temperature etc.

Product Introduction of Ceramic Baby Bottle

Ceramic Baby Bottle is formed through the intensive refinement of the pure natural raw materials, and the pure white clean ceramic product is completed through the firing at a high temperature of 1250°C.

The pure white ceramic product is completed through the Glazing on the Body surface, and 2nd Firing at a temperature over 1100°C.

Ceramic Baby Bottle

1) Composed of Nipple, Middle Cap, Hygienic Cover, Ceramic Body

2) This product has been developed through the improvement of the weak area of Plastic Body, or Glass Material Body of current products.

  • It is 100% safe from the Nervous Environmental Hormone Substance, Bisphenol A (BPA).
  • It IS 100% safe, and the Environmental Hormone is never eluted even though it is sterilized in
    the microwave oven or in high temperature double boiler, or in outside vulnerable environment.
  • It is excellent to prevent the milk from being spoilt by ultraviolet rays or outside temperature.
  • It is more excellent than the Glass products or Plastic products in storing the milk for a long time at a proper temperature good for the infant to drink. (Sudden change of temperature should be prohibited)
  • It is lighter than current Glass products and very excellent in cleaning.

3) Nipple and Middle cap of current products of other companies can be commonly used.

Features of Ceramic Feeding Bottle

1. It is the new eco-friendly ceramic feeding bottle which is developed first in the world by Royal Sevres.
2. The new eco-friendly ceramic feeding bottle is composed of nipple, middle cap, sanitary cover, and ceramic body.
3. It has been developed to be 100% secure from neural environmental hormone substances, bisphenol A.
4. It is very hygienic and safe because it is made to prevent dissolution of BPA environmental hormone when being sterilized by boiling at high temperature, placing in microwave, or with medicinal fluid.
5. The ceramic feeding bottle is very excellent in heat-resistance and durability.
6. It is developed to improve vulnerable parts of the existing feeding bottles made of plastic or glass material.
7. It is excellent in preventing deterioration of milk by ultraviolet light or outside direct sunlight.
8. It is lighter than products made of glass material, and easy to wash to be very hygienic. It is made with material for high quality ceramic tablewares and thus very hygienic and safe.
9. Due to the nature of ceramic material, it is excellent in defending external weak environment and thus in maintaining milk temperature good for babies to eat.
10. In consideration of environment, it is designed so that the standard nipple and middle cover of the existing products can be used for the ceramic feeding bottle.
11. Royal Sevres Ceramic Baby Nursing Bottles with the baby food storage containers can be used, or a tumbler.( Very environmentally friendly)
12. It is a safe product that has test report conducted by KICET (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology).

Ceramic Feeding Bottle
Glass Feeding Bottle
Plastic Feeding Bottle
Fine China Ceramic Heat-Resistant Glass PPSU/PES
Heat-Resistance, Durability
Very Excellent/Excellent in blocking direct sunlight and ultraviolet light
Lighter than the glass product
Heavy/ Vulnerable to ultraviolet light and direct sunlight Weak in durability/Vulnerable to scratches and stains on the surface/ Potential to have risk of endocrine disruptors
Very safe for disinfection/microwave/medicinal fluid Possible to have hot water disinfection/to be put in a microwave/to have medicinal liquid disinfection Possible to have hot water disinfection/to be put in a microwave/to have medicinal liquid disinfection

-Precaution for ceramic feeding bottle-

1. Be sure to use soft washing sponge privately for feeding bottle when washing.
2. It is safe in hot water. However, if you put it too long in hot water for hot water disinfection, it can be getting hot enough to get you hurt. So be sure pick it up with the proper tong.
3. Due to the nature of ceramic material it is excellent in durability and heat-resistance. However, it can be broken with shock. So be careful not to break it.
4. When it is broken due to careless handling, do not touch splinters with hand, sweep them up with fine broom, and discard them.
5. We shall not be liable to refund or exchange for product damages and troubles caused by consumer's negligence.

-Manufacturing Processes of Ceramic Feeding Bottle-

1. Molding : Highly refine 10 kinds of stones, mix them with water, pour into the mold, and make the shape of the bottle.
2. correcting : After drying the molded feeding bottle, wipe and finish its surface with natural sponge.
3. 1st firing burning : Burn it in furnace at the high temperature of about 1230 degree for more than 12 hours and its size contracts by 12~15%.
4. Glazing : Spray evenly glaze on inside and outside of the bottle.
5. 2nd firing burning : Again burn it in furnace at the high temperature of about 1230 degree for more than 12 hours.
6. Decal : Print the designed drawing with pigments, dry it, and attach the drawing to the product finished with 2nd burning.
7. 3rd firing burning : Give the 3rd burning to the product finished with decal, and the final product is created.

It is an Eco-friendly product.

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Royal Sevres

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type
Youngjun Kim
#311 Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology BI Center, 30 Gyeongchung Rd Sindun-myeon, I-cheon-siGyeonggi-do,
Product Category
Feeding Supplies,Other Baby Supplies & Products
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Company introduction

'Royal Sevres', located in the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering&Technology, is a company to develop, produce, export the products of ceramic materials.

Our company has an ability to develop and produce the quality products of global standard, based on our great experience and high level technology that has developed and launched new products in cooperation with our customers, which are global top brands in the field of Fine Ceramic such as LENOX, VILLEROY&BOCH, NARUMI, ROYALDULTON, MARKS&SPENCER, ITTALA, MIKASA etc. for more than 20 years.

We have confidence to lead the market trend through the market research and analysis to continuously expand the product limit and scope of the fine ceramic materials, and also have the pride in the development of the quality products of global standard to contribute to the customers' satisfaction through the high level experiment and development process.

We think that it is the leader's role to develop the very first, not second, product to show to the customers, and it is also the leader's precious role to endure the hard time in the atmosphere of risk and success in the market. 

RoyalSevres, equipped with the leader's responsibility, will do our best efforts to be regarded as the global standard quality which can contribute to the customers' satisfaction.

Thank you

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