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Riding Intelligent Robot RINGBO(Toy, Robot Toy)

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Main products Riding Intelligent Robot RINGBO(Toy, Robot Toy)
RINGBO ( Riding Intelligent Robot )
RINGBO ( Riding Intelligent Robot )
RINGBO ( Riding Intelligent Robot )

Product Information

Riding Intelligent Robot RINGBO

Simple and Easy Operation
Unlike other ride-on toys, Ringbo is operated by joysticks. It requires zero radius, so, kids can control it simply

Indoor Rides
Zero radius swing guarantees satisfactory performance in less roomy space such as living rooms. Protective bumpers and components prevent any scratch or damage.
Sensor driven features prevent bumping and injury.

Safe riding
Sensor and Voice Alert
Authentic and unique sensor and voice alert system prevent kids riding risks. Ringbo detects obstacles and stops automatically to avoid rash and bump. Ringbo's voice interactive system protect kids safety.

Pedal Operation
Ringbo deploys pedal operation system to control speed and safety. Pedal operation system will definitely keep kids safety all the times.
Ringbo implements advanced cutting edge design to make it unique and authentic.
Ergonomics design helps kid to enjoy safe riding while it operates or moves.

English learning features
Ringbo's unique English learning features help kids to learn English
Ringbo's voice alert and status indication system help kids while riding Ringbo


  1. RINGBO is a riding toy that easily moves forwards or backward and enables the driver to control directions such as left and right, using the rotation of a joystick rather than a steering wheel.
  2. RINGBO is the world’s first intelligent riding robot manufactured using state-of-the-art robot technology. It has the following features : obstacle recognition through a sensor, status notification, and English conversation.
  3. This riding toy can freely move about indoors since it does not require a rotation radius it uses patented technology for individual left and right turn operation.


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