aluminum roofing sheet

aluminum roofing sheet

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Aluminum Sheets
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Guangdong Guanghong Huaqiao Aluminum Machining Co.,Ltd.

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Used for manufacture decorative materials, such as aluminum veneers, ACP aluminum composite panels, honeycomb panels, aluminum roofing, lighting decoration, household electrical appliances, food package(such as pop can cover and ring-pull),and furniture etc.:

1) Exterior applications: wall cladding, facades, roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations;

2) Interior applications: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies;

3) Advertisement and market applications: display platforms, signboards, fascias and shop fronts;

4) Transport and industrial applications


<2>Material brand

Aluminum Coil: Chinalco Ruimin / Southwest Aluminum / Alnan Aluminum / Nanping Aluminum in china

Pre-treatment: Henkel from Germany

Paint: America PPG, Sweden Becker, America Valspar or China Human and Yali AS YOUR OPTION


<3>Aluminum Coil size

Alloy: Mainly A1100, A3003, A3005, A3105, A5052, A5182, A8011 or others

Temper: Mainly H14, H16, H18, H24, H26, H44, H46 or others

Thickness: 0.06mm-1.0mm

Width: 20mm-1590mm, our slitting machine can do width cutting from 0.2mm to 1.0mm thickness.

Length: no limitation



<4>Production Types

PVDF / PE / Chromate Mill Finish / Single side brushed / Orange peel embossed / Hydrophilic coated aluminum foil for air condition


PVDF Coating Thickness:

PVDF 2 Coating: Bottom (7µm±1),Top(17µm±1)

PVDF 3 Coating: Bottom (7µm±1),Top(17µm±1),Varnish(10µm±1)


PE Coating Thickness:

PE 1 Coating: 7µm±1(<0.1mm)   17µm±1(>0.1mm)

PE 2 Coating: Bottom (7µm±1),Top(17µm±1)


Backing: 7µm±1

Epoxy: 7µm±1

Can Ring-Pull: 3µm±1 (both sides)

Can Cover: inside (10µm±1)   outside(3µm±1)



PVDF Color



Ivory white color series

Deep solid color series: brown / deep grey / coffee / black

Bright-colored solid color series: green / yellow

Deep bright-colored solid color series: blue / red



White silver grey color

Medium silver grey color

Flash silver color



Mica champagne color

Mica gold color



PE Color:


Solid Color:

White series: white, milky white, grey white, ivory, matt white, high gloss white and so on.

Colorful series: green, yellow, red, grey, brown and so on.


Metallic Color:

Solid silver series: flash silver, fine silver, silver grey and so on.

Colorful silver series: champagne silver, galaxy black and so on.


Pearly-lustre Color series:

Solid pearl series: white

Colorful pearl series: pink, light grey, sky blue, light green and so on.



<5>More Specifications

Coil Weight: 0.5-4Ton/Coil, or by buyer's option

Interior Diameter: 405mm or 505mm or 150mm or 75mm

Color: RAL Standard or by your sample

Min order: 7Ton for one size one color

Delivery: 15-20days for general specification and 35days for special specification after receiving the deposit.

Terms of Payment: T/T FIRST or L/C AT SIGHT



Damp proof film, Kraft paper, Steel strip, wooden pallet /Case

B2B Trade

Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation -
MOQ Negotiable Leadtime Negotiable
Payment Options Negotiable Shipping time Negotiable

Guangdong Guanghong Huaqiao Aluminum Machining Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China /
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Wu Zhan
Huadong Town,Huadu District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China
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Aluminum Sheets
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