Dr. Mom Baby 2 in 1 Pillow - Organic Cotton

Dr. Mom Baby 2 in 1 Pillow - Organic Cotton

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ELD Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Dr. Mom's Baby Double Pillow(For Bedroom, For Stroller)

Dr.Mom's Baby Double Pillow which protects our baby's skin with organic cotton and keeps our baby healthy by memory foam makes baby's head good-looking, which gives you the effect 3-at-a-time.

Dr. Mom 2 in 1 Baby Organic Pillow which can be used in Two Styles by One
It is a smart organic pillow which makes baby's head good-looking at home and gives good sleep at stroller. Organic cotton fabric protects baby's delicate skin safely.

A. 100% Organic Cotton Fabric
Outshell of properly certified organic cotton fabric protects our baby's delicate skin safely.

B. 2 in 1 Style Pillow
It is a useful baby pillow which can be used as a bedroom pillow at home and the one giving comfortable sleep at stroller killing two birds with one stone.

C. Luxury Memory Foam Used
It is a smart double 2 in 1 organic pillow preventing baby's head from transforming and giving comfortable sleep by the use of high-tech viscoelastic memory foam.

! Please read the notices carefully before you wash it.
Do not simmer or leave it to soak in detergent for a long time considering the nature of organic fabric.

Why? 100% Organic Cotton

What is Organic Cotton?
It is a cotton cultivated by organic farming technique using organic compost in the soil where chemical fertilizer was never used for more than 3 years. Organic cotton is the most suitable material to baby's skin since it causes no skin irritation by the chemicals.

How do you dye it? Is it harmless to the baby?
ECO-Friendly Dyeing(Outer Garments) - ECO-friendly dyes which are certified by international organic farming association(Control Union) are used only.
Natural Plant Dyeing(Inner Wear, Underwear)
-Natural dyeing which dyes using natural plants (Indigo Plant, Madder, Walnut etc.) is a nature friendly dyeing method which doesn't pollute the environment.

Inner Pillow
Outer Pillow
Use and Age of Use
It can be used until baby's first birthday due to small size and you can use it placing in stroller when you go out. It makes baby's head good-looking by the groove in the middle. It is good if you use it attached with inner pillow, and you can use it from the first birthday until baby grows up conveniently. It makes baby's bed comfortable.
(W)21 x (L)17 x (H)3cm
(W)37 x (L)25 x (H)5cm
Image of the Inside


01. Soft Organic Cotton
Certified No Fluorescent Agent, No Formaldehyde

It is soft and cozy by the outshell made of organic cotton for the safe sleep of our babies.

02. Convenient Double 2 in 1
Two Kinds of Effect by One Product

You can use it at home or when you go our conveniently.

03. Safe Memory Foam
Outer Pillow (14-15mm + Drilling Size)
Inner Pillow (18-13mm + Drilling Size)

04. Easy Washable Outshell and Lining

You can use it more sanitarily by the double fabric in memory foam

05. Effective Use
Ease of Use

If you carry inner pillow pulling it out when you go out, you can provide the babies with comfortable sleep.
Memory foam of inner pillow makes baby's head good-looking by the groove in the middle.

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ELD Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Chilsang You
99 Jinbat-ro , Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Other Baby Supplies & Products
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Company introduction

ELD is a specialized Living goods manufacturer that develops products that are suited to various types of travels. Additionally, we develop and support new growth engines such as leisure and cushion goods in addition to living goods. As our major brands, we have domestically launched EDDAS and ETHOS, which are sophisticated and personalized goods.

Based on our accumulated technology and know-how, we have acquired the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 quality management certification, a first in the travel bag business. Building on this, we are getting ready to become a global company while ensuring the competitiveness and base of our business.
ELD thinks of everybody in the world as our customer.
ELD produces bags, presents and other travel accessories.
Our enterprise, which is young and growing, reaches out to the world. This is the spirit of ELD.
ELD will always do its best.

Thank you.

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