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14 Duclean CO., LTD.

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    < Industrial Vacuum Cleaner>

    * Model : CH-275S

    * Power : 220/380/440V, 1phase, 60/50Hz

    * Motor : 2700W/3.6HP

    * Pressure : 2600mmAq

    * Weight : 27.9Kg

    * Tank Volume : 75L

    * Tank Material : Stainless

    * Type : dry

    * Dimension : 600(L)*600(W)*1020(H)    

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    14 Duclean CO., LTD.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee, Kyung Ok

    • Address

      148-90, Seoun-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Other Environmental Products

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    • Company introduction

      Chungho C.A Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and has grown as the leading company in the field of potable Dust collectors and products related to the environment industry.

      Chungho C.A Co., Ltd., We have been manufacturing and exporting various kinds of portable dust collectors and cleaners which are Bag filter type Dust collector, Cartridge type Dust collector, Mist Collector, Grinder integrated Dust collector, High-efficiency soldering Fume collector, Soldering Fume collector, Fume odor Eliminator, Welding Fume collector, Vacuum cleaner and Vacuum collector for industrial use for more than 16 years.

      We have been continually pursuing our goal that is to improve industrial work environment by doing a limitless research and development, As this result of limitless research and development, We have acquired a lot of certification and approval such as ISO9001, CE and so on, and also have many patents on practical new device design and registered.

      Clean air, clean environment and healthy life are our utmost goals, and we will be a company that values our nature and human beings.

    • Main Markets
      • Australia Australia
      • Bangladesh Bangladesh
      • China China
      • Czecho Republic Czecho Republic
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • India India
      • South Korea South Korea
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Oman Oman
      • Singapore Singapore
      • Thailand Thailand
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Main Product
      • AP series _ Cartridge type dust collector

        AP series / Cartridge type dust collector

      • Dust explosion safety dust collector

        Dust explosion safety dust collector

      • FUME Eliminator

        FUME Eliminator

      • Mist collector

        Mist collector

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