WS2 Solid Lubricant

WS2 Solid Lubricant

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Nano Co., Ltd.

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Product Information


Solid lubricant is a material which decreases friction and abrasion by forming thin lubrication coating layer. Solid lubricant can be used even on extreme conditions such as very high or low temperature or vacuum, where liquid lubricant can not be used.

WS2 solid lubricant has excellent oxidation resistance compared to other lubricants such as Graphite, MoS2. Moreover, it has high lubricity under the conditions of severe temp. and load. The application field of WS2 solid lubricant is being widen gradually.

2.The comparison of solid lubricant

3.The characteristic of WS2 solid lubricant

Lubrication Feature Increased durability and wear resistance by forming thin lubrication coating layer.
High lubricity compared with Graphite, MoS2
Keeping lubrication effect at low temp(-273°C) and high temp(450°C),
   under oxidation atmosphere and in vacuum up to 1,200°C
Physical & Chemical
Excellent erosion and corrosion resistances
Auxiliary effect when mixed with grease or oil
Availability of spray dry coating at room temp. on steel, ceramics and plastic etc.
Increasing lubricity in frictional parts by spray dry coating

4.Performance test of solid lubricant

  • Frictional coef. of drying coated WS2
  • Low frictional coef., high lubricating effect in vacuum

  • Comparison of MoS2 solid lubricant
  • Good lubrication characteristic (WS2 > phosphate + MoS2)

5.Application Fields of WS2 solid lubrication

6.NANO WS2 solid lubricant


  • WS2 solid lubricant powder with excellent lubricating effect at high temp.(Registered 2 Korean patents)


  • WS2 solid lubricant spray can with convenient application.(Registered the Practical New Device)


  • Forming thin(under 0.5µm) lubricating coating layer with increasing durability (Applying for a patent)
Piston Cathoderay
Tube Mold
Mold Parts Cylindrical Piston

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Nano Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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1188 Magong-ri, Cheongri-myeon, Sangjoo-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 660-882, Korea
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Other Vehicle Accessories
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Company introduction

Welcome to the ceramic specialty company. NANO is consistently pursuing leading company in ceramic raw material powder and extrusion products. We established a mass production line for nanoscale photocatalytic powder at the end of 2001. The new low-cost processing technology was certified by Ministry of Commerce, Korea, in July 2001. In addition, the pilot-plants for WS2 solid lubricant powder and ceramic honeycomb catalyst were also successfully completed in the early of 2001 after more than 3 years of intensive R&D. We will thus complete large-scale ceramic honeycomb production line in the middle of 2002. 


Based on the our initial products of photocatalytic TiO2 and WS2 lubricants, we diversify our powder products for IT ceramic parts and ET ceramic honeycomb using our raw materials. Various applications of our raw materials such as self cleaning building materials and air purifying system will be presently shown in the market. NANO's key organization is R&D center consisting of 3 teams depending on the aimed processing , i.e., Raw Materials, Extrusion and Application. Our R&D activities mainly focus on developing the new low-cost processing. 


I again appreciate you for your visit to NANO homepage. Your suggestions will be promptly responded.

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