Honeycomb SCR Catalyst

Honeycomb SCR Catalyst

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Nano Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

Honeycomb SCR Catalyst

De-NOx catalyst removes the NOx contained in the exhaust gases discharging from power plants, industrial boilers, ships, incinerators, chemical plants and diesel automobiles.
- NOx : Cause of air pollution, cancer, photochemistry smog and acid rain etc.

Characteristics of NANO De-NOx SCR Catalyst

Top Quality
The first catalyst in Korea confirmed the performance since October 2005 after equipped in a coal power plant of Joongbu Boryung sixth plant showing excellent performance during the warranty period.
Long Term Contract
Long term supply contract with EnBW in Germany since 2003.
Enough References
Reference with major coal/oil/LNG/Diesel fuel power plants in global market.
Long term supply contract with SCR system company for marine applications.
Certified Performance
Performance Certificate conferred by Korean Government.
Extension of time through NANO's unique the regeneration processing.

Characteristics of SCR Catalyst

  • Efficient reduction of NOx in a wide temperature range of flue gases.
  • High thermal and chemical stability against sulfur oxides(SOx) contained in the exhaust gases.
  • Recovery of more than 90% of the initial activity by regeneration treatment.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low back pressure and long life-time

Technology Support

  • Design, installation, and commissioning of SCR system
  • Catalyst maintenance technology
  • Evaluation, life-time, and regeneration technologies

Performance Reference

  • Coal Power Plant, Oil Power Plant,Combined Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Waste Incinerator, Glass Industries
  • References of more than 12,000m3 installation up to year of 2011

Application Sites

De-NOx SCR catalyst : thermal power plant, incinerators, boilers
De-Dioxin ceramic catalyst : wastes & industrail waste incinerators, medium size incinerators
VOCs & deodorized ceramic catalyst : petrochemical & other chemical facilities, sewage treatment facilities, and VOCs emission facilities

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Nano Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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1188 Magong-ri, Cheongri-myeon, Sangjoo-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 660-882, Korea
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Other Vehicle Accessories
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Company introduction

Welcome to the ceramic specialty company. NANO is consistently pursuing leading company in ceramic raw material powder and extrusion products. We established a mass production line for nanoscale photocatalytic powder at the end of 2001. The new low-cost processing technology was certified by Ministry of Commerce, Korea, in July 2001. In addition, the pilot-plants for WS2 solid lubricant powder and ceramic honeycomb catalyst were also successfully completed in the early of 2001 after more than 3 years of intensive R&D. We will thus complete large-scale ceramic honeycomb production line in the middle of 2002. 


Based on the our initial products of photocatalytic TiO2 and WS2 lubricants, we diversify our powder products for IT ceramic parts and ET ceramic honeycomb using our raw materials. Various applications of our raw materials such as self cleaning building materials and air purifying system will be presently shown in the market. NANO's key organization is R&D center consisting of 3 teams depending on the aimed processing , i.e., Raw Materials, Extrusion and Application. Our R&D activities mainly focus on developing the new low-cost processing. 


I again appreciate you for your visit to NANO homepage. Your suggestions will be promptly responded.

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