Aromatic Diet, Car Purfume(Herbal Fragrances, Car Freshener)

Aromatic Diet, Car Purfume(Herbal Fragrances, Car Freshener)

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Jayeonin Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

Breath Diet/ Aromatic(Herbal Fragrances,Air Freshener, Aromatic Diet, Car purfume, car fragrance)

Product Introduction and Features

  • Functional natural herbal fragrances helping realize the "Breath Diet", the diet in a daily life.
  • The product jointly developed by expert faculty of the College of Oriental Medicines and Medical Research Institute in Semyung University based on the prescription of "Bangpungtongsungsan", the modern translation of which means "protecting the wind and easing the excretions, which is said to be effective in the diet according to "Donguibogam" a Korea's famous traditional medical book.
  • The fragrances help suppress an appetite and decompose fat by being absorbed into the body through breathing.
  • Selected as "Regionally Specialized Product designated by Ministry of Knowledge & Economy in 2010"
  • Awarded the grand prize "A Leading Brand brought honor to Korea in 2010"
  • Domestic patents (2) obtained/ International patents (PCT) applied (2)
    - The way to extract fragrance substances from the herbal plants of "Bangpungtongsungsan"
    - Fragrance compound suppressing a appetite
  • Completed to scientifically prove the diet effect of Gambisoo, herbal diet fragrances, through all clinical trials
    - Conducted by The college of Medicine in Kyung Hee University
    - Conducted by Korea Testing & Research Institute

Product Description

[Major Ingredients]
14 kinds of extracts from herbal medicines

bottle in 1 case/80ml content per 1 bottle

[Terms of Use]
5 years from the date of manufacture

Product Line-up (5 fragrances/2 types)

GAMBISOO Oriental(Liquid) / GAMBISOO Oriental(Bead)
Oriental with the unique harm lets your body relaxed and lightened known to you with the delicate fragrances emitted from the herbal medicines of Bangpungtongsungsan and transmitted to the depth of the body.

GAMBISOO Natural(Liquid) / GAMBISOO Natural(Bead)
Natural finished with clean fragrances brings you a feeling of cool and clean atmosphere as if the first impression wafted from a sophisticated urbane man who is just passed through in front of you makes your heart heating with curiosity.

GAMBISOO Silhouette(Liquid) / GAMBISOO Silhouette(Bead)
Siluouette delivers fragrances into the depth of your body as if the elegant and stately petal fragrances wraps and hugs you along the curve of your glamourous body.

GAMBISOO Forest(Liquid) / GAMBISOO Forest(Bead)
Forest lets you feel your body lighter providing you with a vitality and fresh and clean feeling as if you breathe in a dense forest.

GAMBISOO Blossom(Liquid) / GAMBISOO Blossom(Bead)
Blossom with a rich fragrance stands out the smoothed curves to the maximum by wafting the floral lavender fragrances along the lines of the body.

It is effective in treating the symptoms of indigestion, stomachache, thirsty, short breath and stifling caused by a severe pent-up pressure on chest of all Pungyuljeung and Punghwa, and both small and large abscess and poison and difficulty in excretions by a high body temperature and in releasing the blotchy face and poison caused by the high body temperature.
These efficacies of Bangpungtongsungsan in Donguibogam in detoxifying the poison produced by the food and liquid accumulated in the body of the obesity patients through the excretion functions such as sweat, urine and feces in the modern oriental herbal medicines are applied to the obesity patient who has foods accumulated in the body showing such clinical symptoms that eating too much, overweighted, having a large build and too strong digestion, feeling hungry too often, suffering from constipation, having a reddish tongue in pale yellow and tight and strong pulse, and etc.


Effect which Inhalation of "GAMBISOO" scent has on obesity-related neurotransmitter and short-term memory capacity
*Test Institute : [1]Dept. of Physiology of Kyunghee Univ. Medicine College/ [II]Korea Testing & Research Institute
*Test Period : [I]2010.03~2010.06/ [II]2010.06~2010.12

1. Test Overview
Research about how inhalation of GAMBISOO scent has an influence on neurotransmitter and short-term memory capacity involving in eating through "GAMBISOO", car air freshener whose main ingredient is on the basis of prescription of bang-poong-tong-sung-san

2. Test Method

  1. Experimental animal is classified into 3 groups of control group, fasting group and fasting-GAMBISOO inhalation group by random sampling.
  2. Inhalation of scent : Free inhalation in the covered box on 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM by one hour per day for 2days.

3. Experimental Result

1) Test result of obesity-related neurotransmitter

  • Leptin Immunohistochemistry : Leptin plays an important role in the control of appetite and weight and reduces weight and body fat with the heating response by the stimulation of satiety centers in hypothalamus and increase of active mass. (Reduces the increased appetite by 60% with a fasting)
  • NPY Immunohistochemistry : Neuropeptide Y (NPY) which contains in hypothalamus of the brain plays an important role in the control of appetite and weight(Reduces the increased appetite by 52% with a fasting)

2) Short-term memory capacity measuring test result

  • Step-down avoidance task : Short-term memory test result(Improves the reduced short-term memory capacity by 55% with a fasting)
  • BDNF Protein Revelation Measurement : BDNF is a protein which plays an important role in hippocampus neuron, which is known that obesity resulting from taking high fat diet brings the impediment of learning and memory in connection with hypothalamus(Improves the reduced nerve growth by 14% with a fasting)

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Jayeonin Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Jeongbum Kim
BI center 210, 579 Shinwol-dong,, Jecheon-siChungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Herbal Medicine
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Jayeonin is established in 2009 under the auspices of Semyung University. We, Jayeonin, are an oriental- medicinal (herb-doctor) venture company and we make a effort to cultivate talented personnel for development our company. We dedicate to enhancing the overall industrial level in Oriental medicine as well as improving the university brand name. We have developed some kinds of herb products related in oriental medicine. We have conducted and examined a number of clinical studies closely and measured the effectiveness of oriental medicine. We will not stop to scientific research effects of oriental medicine.

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