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Specter Korea Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1991
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Category Gift Packaging
Aluminum Foil
Other Plastic Raw Materials
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Product Information

Hot Stampping Foil


Specter's Hot stamping foil can be used on a variety of substrates including Plastics(ABS,PP,PS), MDF, Glass..etc. Decorative and functional hot stamping foils are available in a wide variety of patterns including Marble, Woodgrain, Gold & Silver metallics, Solid colors. The decorative finish is applied through heat and pressure.
All foils are thoroughly inspected in our Quality control department for Consistent Color and Workability. We, Specter Korea, are always ready to meet your decorating needs.


Hot Stamping Foil is a dry printing process in which a color pigment or metallic material is transferred from a continuous film sheet to the object being decorated.
The applications of controlled heat and pressure releases the color from the carrier film using a dry image and roller which bonds it permanently to the chosen object.
The process is clean, dry and fast, and free from problems commonly associated with wet ink printing processes.
You have encountered hot stamping foil in such everyday items as greeting cards and book covers, TV cabinets and cosmetic containers, appliances and toys, recycling containers and ball point pens.
From simple golds to four color process replicating photographs, hot stamping is a cost efficient decorating technique that is easy to set up, clean to operate,
and capable of producing products that will last for years while creating a profit center for you business that your may well have overlooked.

Specter's hot stamping foil gives you the freedom to decorate plastic products with excellent, long lasting graphics.
There are virtually no limits of the design when using a multi-color printng process.
Foil application is best carried out after immediately after the molding process as there is then less danger of surface contamination.
A tighter control over the production schedule will also be achieved with lower cost and less handing of products.
Specter's hot stamping foil can be used on all kinds of the plastic products such as, toys, furniture, construction materials, picture frames and the other daily necessities which are made of thermoplastics suchas PP, PS, AS, ABS, Acrylic, and PVC.

We have our own variety of colorful pattern designs such as; florals, marbles, woodgrains, silvers, golds, etc. - all of whicb are immediately available.
Our standard roll size has a width of 640mm and a length of 120m, using 16-25micron thick polyester film, in a glossy or matte finish.
We offer both prigmented and metallic patterns with the ability to duplicate customer provided designs on request.

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Specter Korea Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1991
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Ji-Hwan, Kim
34-1, Maengni-ro, Wonsam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 449-871, Korea
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Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Other Rubber Products
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Specter Korea Co., Ltd. established in 1991, is a company which has been manufacturing and exporting hot stamping foil for 20years. The company is founded on the core principles of high-technology, excellent equipment and experience, and we continually aim to satisfy our clients with greater services. The typical method in the production of our company's hot stamping foil involves heating with pressure the surfaces of plastic frames, stationary, furniture and interior materials and designing them in various ways to enhance and improve the value of functional products, as well as illuminating our surroundings.
Our marketing strategy is as follows:
- We always consider the clients' situation first, focusing on "Client satisfaction" and "Quality assurance."
- We always devote all our energy to create new designs, so we are able to adapt to the quickly changing market without hesitation.
- All our staff members practice the quality pilicy and quality goal through the quality operating system (QQS). Finally, we would like to let you know that our company is growing day by day to approach clients more creatively, progressively and cooperatively any time and anywhere; and we promise to do our best not only for the present but for the future.


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