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14 Daewon GSI Co., Ltd.

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    Color Sorter - PUBU King Series

    PUBU King series is specially designed to sort grain like rice, barley or wheat. It features easy user interface, windows XP, high luminant LED and large volume production. Its sorting capacity gives the best yield and efficiency of sorting, even at the highest production level. We are now delighted to introduce our very latest sorting model, the PUBU King series, adding value to a variety of commodities.

    • Large volume production(~384ch)
    • High resolution CCD camera with DCS algorithm
    • High luminant LED
    • Sorting any defect of rice
    • Feeding materials in uniform flow by sensors
    • Adopting Windows XP, improved control capability
    • Image acquirement and analysis system
    • Very easy user interface
    • Remote control


    Model No. Dimensions
    (W x L x H mm)
    Input to M/C
    Compressor Power
    PUBU King-1 1021 x 1540 x 1810 2~4 1.6 5  
    PUBU King-2 1328 x 1540 x 1810 4~8 2 7.5  
    PUBU King-3 1635 x 1540 x 1810 6~12 2.5 10  
    PUBU King-4 1942 x 1540 x 1810 8~16 3 15  
    PUBU King-5 2249 x 1540 x 1810 10~20 3.5 20  
    PUBU King-6 2556 x 1540 x 1810 12~24 4 25  

    Excellent accuracy and precision
    - High resolution CCD Camera identify the smallest defect and foreign material
    - High luminant LED lead to more accurate separation

    Customer’s profitability
    - Minimum loss of quality product during separation maximize the customers profit
    - Efficient and accurate ejector reduce the air and electric consumption
    - Long life LED reduce the cost of management
    - PUBU King is so flexible to meet the needs of the customer

    Easy use and Easy change
    - User oriented interface and menu search
    - PUBU King can be controlled and monitored by wireless LAN
    - Soft touch type and wide LCD screen
    - Easy change of the parts

    Excellent performance
    - Reliable and uniform feed
    - Many channels enlarge the quantity of the product(~384ch)
    - Fast product changeover
    - Un-trained person can learn how to run the machine shortly

    Safety and Cleaness
    - PUBU King ensure the product safe and clean
    - Reliable and stable working after the test of extreme condition
    - CE compliance meet all current safety legislation
    - Easy to clean of the parts

    High resolution CCD Camera & High luminant LED
    With the highest resolution & brightness to detect and then reject the smallest defects, the PUBU King series consistently gives reliable and fast result to the customers, rejecting the impurities of the smallest.

    Specially designed to rice, the PUBU King series can remove
    defective grains(black specs, discolored, yellow, red, bran streak, immature, chalky) and impurities(straw, stone)

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    14 Daewon GSI Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Yong kyo Suh

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      990-2, Gumsan-ri, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gunGyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

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      We was recognized as farm produce processing part world top enterprise to ceaseless technical development, Especially, We were getting world market's attention by leading technique about all grains of sorting part, Because this was belief and patience that only technical development can open the world market.

      The only world best will not forget earnest enterprise which have a leading technology in serving keen global time makes country and human profitable makes profitable and advances customer.

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