Radio Frequency Diathermy Device (LVT-250)

Radio Frequency Diathermy Device (LVT-250)

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Product Information

The most Optimized system to Secure Beauty & Health
Monopolar, Bi-polar, RET RF System

  • Body care
  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Pain control

RF Diathermy Device LavaTRON
LavaTRON helps increase the temperature of deep dermis & hypodermis with 3~5cm in depth, improving cellular function, circulation of blood, relief of pain, and enhances the extension of collagen tissues. LavaTRON facilities the cure of chronic inflammations by using induction heating which refers to a method where high-frequency current applied to a body triggers resistance to convert an electric energy into a thermal energy.

LavaTRON Stimulation Process in Body

The Unique Functions for LavaTRON

1. Automatically recognizing electrodes
Since the size of electrodes connected to the main body is automatically recognized to control the current, against such injuries as a burn that could happen due to carelessness in using can be prevented in advance.
Patent : 20-397295

2. Automatically Controlling the temperature
By using a built-in sensor to automatically control how much current will be conveyed, a user can more safely and conveniently use the product, since the lead electrode measures a change in the temperature of body skin on a real-time basis with comparison of a set temperature(39-47°C)
Patent : 20-397295

3. Excellent insulation of lead electrodes
since there is no spark resulting from a conveyed current by perfectly insulated lead electrodes, patients will have no discomfort for the LavaTRON operation


1. Wrinkle removing and Elasticity
When electrode is contacted with skin, Lavatron apply the high frequency which does not stimulate normal tissue and stably increase temperature. This temperature is called as hyperthermia. This one changes the loosed and nonelastic collagen tissues to dense and elasticity tissue.

Applications : Crow's feet/Nasolabial fold/Forehead Lifting/Anti-aging

2. Enhancing scalp health
Deep heating helps promotion of blood circulation to supply the scalp with lots of xoygen and nutrients, and sprout hairs, preventing them from falling out through a stimulation and sterilization of their roots via a thermal effect.

Applications : Alopecia care/hair growth/Alopecia areata/Seborrheic scalp care

3. Lifting & Fat removing
Many studies proves that radio frequency energy increase the blood stream in fat cell and accelerate the lipometabolism. LVT-250 maximize the delivery power of radio frequency energy in body usign our know how of Radio frequency.

Applications : Abdominal fat care/Leg silhouette care/Hit silhoutte care

4. Relieving Pain
Deliver radio frequency on musculoskeletal system and increase the blood stream and activate the metabolism soinduce the effective pain relief.

Application : Shoulder pain/Lumbar pain/Knee pain


Main Power
100~240V~, 50~60hz Auto selectable
Main Metrospective Frequency
470Hz ±10% Sine Wave
Maximum Output Frequency
Maximum 25W ±10%
Frequency Output Time
1~30min, Time step : 1min
Output type
Auto adjustable and Manual adjustable
Temperature Adjust
Auto CET & Bipolar : 39°C~47°C(0.5°C Step)
Auto RET 100mm electrode : 41°C ~ 45°C
Manual Mode
1%~100%, Power intensity step : 1%
320x240 Backlight mono graphic LCD
Safety Class and Type
Class 1, BF Type
363x380x179mm(W x D x H)
Active Electrode
CEP : Ø20mm, Ø30mm, Ø80mm, Ø100mm
RET : 60mm, 100mm/BiPolar : 30mm/Option : Hair Electrode

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