Enzyme Hydrolyzed Chitosan-oligosaccharides

Enzyme Hydrolyzed Chitosan-oligosaccharides

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South Korea South Korea / 2000
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Product Information


1. General Description

ChitoOligo-100 is water-soluble oligomers of -1,4-linked D-glucosamine. We have produced this product from crab chitosan by an enzymatic process using a chitosanase, developed by our company (Korean Patent No. 0227040).

2. Chemical Formula

3. Product Specification

  1. Shape
  2. Moisture
  3. Ash
  4. Arsenic as As2O3
  5. Heavy metals as Pb
  6. Total microbial count
  7. Coli-form bacteria
  8. pH
  9. Solubility
  10. Deacetylation
  11. Chitosan oligosaccharide content
  • less than 7%
  • less than 1%
  • less than 4ppm
  • less than 20ppm
  • less than 1,000 cfu/g
  • negative
  • higher than 4.0 (1% solution)
  • soluble in water
  • higher than 90%
  • higher than 90% in dimer to octamer

4. Features

  • Natural chitosan oligosaccharides produced by 100% enzymatic hydrolysis of crab chitosan
  • High oligosaccharide content: higher than 90%
  • White color and sweet taste
  • High solubility either in acidic or alkaline water

5. Application

Chitosan oligosaccharides have a variety of biological activities such as immuno-stimulanting, antimicrobial, and antitumor activities. It may have wide application in food industries as a dietary supplement.

6. Package and Storage

  ChitoOligo-100is packed in 10 Kg units. It is preferable to store it in a cool and dry environment.

7. Typical HPLC chromatogram of ChitoOligo-100

Fig. A typical HPLC chromatogram of ChitoOligo-100prepared with a chitosanase. The number over each peak refers to the n-mer chitosan oligosaccharide.

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2000
Business type



Shin Yougchul
1259-64, Dongbu-ro. Jinsung. Jinju,South Korea
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Food Additives,Health Care Supplement,Other Pharmaceutical Chemicals
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Company introduction

Thank you for visiting the Amicogen website. The name Amicogen comes from a combination of AMICO (= meaning "friend" in Latin) and GEN (= Gene), and it represents our mission to become a "real friend (Biotechnology Company)" aiding the human race and nature. Futurologists do not hesitate to recognize that the keyword in the 21st Century is the health of the human race and the preservation of natural environments. Our company is seeking these answers from nature.

We will investigate the biological reactions of life and use these knowledges for the welfare of the human race. We aim to develop technologies to utilize microorganisms as a cell factory instead of enormous chemical plants based on petroleum chemistry, technologies using biocatalysts(enzymes) and water instead of metal catalysts and toxic organic solvents, and sustainable technologies that does not exhaust natural resources and does not emit harmful waste water or pollution These biotechnologies will bring the human race continual abundance and happiness in 21 century. We will learn the nature by communicating with her endlessly.

We will not rush and instead make step-by-step progress harmonizing with the long breath of nature. Above all, our company wants to be a good friend to you, supporting your health and business. Please visit our website often and let us know of your suggestions and support. Thank you very much.

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