Black Polyimide Film

Black Polyimide Film

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black polyimide film, protection tape, black pi, motor insulating materials,
Industrial Supplies , Packaging Printing Service , Tapes & Glues , Mobile Phone Parts , Insulator
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Shinmax Technology Ltd.

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Taiwan Taiwan /
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Category Industrial Supplies
Packaging Printing Service
Tapes & Glues
Mobile Phone Parts
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Product Information

Black Polyimide Film (PIB)

PIB is an opaque, matted, and non-transparent polyimide film. It possess the lower light transmission, higher heat resistance,and good color uniformity. Besides, it is also an atomic radiation resistant. The PIB type is the macromolecular compound with the best combined properties and the highest heat resistant.


1, Low light transmission.

2, High heat resistance.

3, Good color uniformity.

4, Good flexibility.

5, Excellent insulation and mechanical properties.



1. Opaque cover-layers, Satellite blankets, Radiant heat absorber.

2. Electric magnetic wire and cable coiling, motor slot liners, transformer interlayer insulation.

3. The substrates of Flexible Printed Circuits Board (F-PCB).

4. The adhesive tape is used for IC packing.

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Shinmax Technology Ltd.

Country / Year Established
Taiwan Taiwan /
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Garry Chang
10F., No.118, Hongchang 8th Street, Taoyuan City 33060, Taiwan
Product Category
Industrial Supplies,Insulator,Mobile Phone Parts
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Company introduction
Shinmax Technology Ltd., established since 2009, is a leading polyimide (PI) film manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan. Our technology team has more than 10 years of experience in developing and producing the innovative polyimide films. Our Polyimide (PI) film is a macromolecular compound insulation material with the perfect combination of the electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties. The outstanding properties of our PI film permit it to be used at both high and low temperature extremes where other organic polyimeric materials would not be functional.
We devoted to develop and produce a variety of the high performance, excellent quality, and perfect reliability polyimide films such as Normal Polyimide Film, Thermal Conductivity PI, Black Polyimide film, Transparent PI, Thermo-forming PI, High modulus PI, Low reflection PI, Low CTE PI, FPC Stiffener Substrate PI, PI Tape ,and Protection Tape,..etc. to our world wide customers. We also provide the best customization service and the professional technical consulting service to our world wide customers.
With the excellent technology & production ability, not only do we meet all the demands inquired by our customers, but we also help our customers to enhance their product characteristics and performance.
Our customers include most of the first and second tier Brand and OEM/ODM customers.We serve all the markets in the world. We exploit market demands in Computer field, Smart Phone field, Electronics field, Electrical industry,Aerosapce industry, Medical field, Automotive sectors, Industrial field, Chemical industry, Petroleum industry, and Construction industry to create customers' value.
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Australia Australia

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