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Asia Seed Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1992
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Product Information

Hot Asia
Hot Asia F1 is vigorous plant and extremely productive hybrid variety. Fruits are thick and long, 13~14cm in length, 1.8cm in diameter, and 18~20g in weight. Very prolific, fruits are deep red in colour with mild pungency. Hot Asia F1 offers a good quality hot chili for green and fresh market.
Chili 9
Chili 9 F1 is a very vigorous variety. With continuous fruit setting. It matures later than Indonesian local variety keriting type, rusulting very high yield. Tolerant to PVY 1.2. Fruit 1.1 13~14cm in size, 5~6g in weight. This hybrid offers a good quality chili for fresh and dry market.
Very good for lowland growing. But multi-level variety for low and highland growing. The newly bred ‘Garuda’ F1 shows very early fruit setting and strong tolerance to heat. Fruits are 13~15cm in length and 1.3~1.5cm in diameter. High pungency and shiny red color. Easy adaptation to wide range of soil condition. Strong plant is giving the large harvesting quantity.
Vigorous and easy growing. Strong root and can be grown under different soil and climatic condition. 13-15cm in length, 0.9-1.1cm in diameter and 7-9g in weight. High pungency and suitable for fresh and dry market.
Asia Slender
Very good for highland growing. More thinner than "Chili-9" F1. Strong pungency and early harvest as newly bred variety. * You can grow it in Medan and Bandung area. Chili-9 will be more thicker when you grow it in highland area. You can use this "Asia Slender" in high elevated area.
Very good for lowland growing. More thicker than 'Chili 9'. Very productivity as early fruit setting. 'TM2004' F1 can be used in highland and lowland according to the growing area. Highly recommendation for the multi-level growing ability as the great harvesting quantity.
Deep green coloured large fruit. Relatively short plant and high yielding at the first harvesting stage. Disease resistance and easy growing. Fruit is 18cm in length, 2.5cm in diameter and fresh pepper weighs about 33g.
Comparatively short plant produces large sized fruit about 17x2cm and 30g in weight. Nice fruit setting and high productivity in early harvesting stage. Disease tolerance and easy growing.
Anong Cheong Suk 5
Glossy and light green color with
lamb's horn shaped fruit.
22cm in length, 2.5cm in diameter
and 50g~ 54g in weight.
Easy to grow. Resistance to fruit rot
and virus.
Anong Cheong Suk 6
Fruit is lamb's horn shape and attractive light green color. Fruit grows up 22cm in length, 3.0cm~3.5cm in diameter and 45g~ 50g in weight. Easy to grow and strong to fruit rot and virus.
Mat Jjang
Strong hot taste, big fruit and dried products are high quality. Resistance to virus and safe harvest. Good for tunnel cultivation. Be careful of irrigation and drainage.
Wa Mae Wo
Specially bred hybrid for strong pungency and high productivity. Good for fresh green and red fruits. Early hybrid with high yields.
Jeon Guk Gu
Early maturity with high productivity. This hybrid is easy to grow and sets large fruit with good dry quality. Dried fruits are 14cm in length, 2cm in diameter, and 17g in weight. Resistance to TMPo and CMV.
PR Eom Cheong Na
Early maturity and large sized fruit with medium pungency. Resistant to fruit rot. Early fruit setting is excellent. Thick fruit skin and good for dry market.
This medium maturing hybrid shows good fruit setting and high yield. The beautiful colored fruit is 13.6cm in length, 1.9cm in diameter, and 14g in weight. Resistance to TmO.
Asia Tunnel
This vigorous hotpepper has very early maturity and very heavier & earlier productivity with short internode and continuous fruit setting. "Asia Tunnel" is good for red fresh and dry market. Mild pungency with delicate taste.
Strong vigor and easy to grow. Resistant to diseases. Straight form and leaf are middle-sized. High yielding variety with good fruiting ability. Maturity is medium. Easy to dry. Dried pepper is smooth, shiny and good in quality. Low production of short pepper until the end of harvest.
Cheon Woo Shin Jo
Vigorous plants and prolific bearing large fruits. Has high level of tolerance to virus with highly pungent. Good for fresh red and for drying.
Tsa Tsa Ble
Semi-open type. Resistant to virus. Big fruit and good fruiting. Strong in hot taste. Dry pepper is shiny and good in quality. Low production of short pepper until the end of harvest.
Nok Guk Put
Very good setting even in low temperated growing area in the plastic house. Very specially bred only for fresh green purpose. An early, highly productive, and good fruit setting. This shiny fresh green fruits are mild pungency and excellent taste with good flavor.
New hight pungent pepper of yellowish light green color, 14~16cm long, 1.5~1.7cm in diameter and average weight of 12~13g per fruit. Very high pungent hybrid used both for fresh and dry matter.
Vigorous plant, dark green color, 14~15cm in length, 1.1~1.3cm in diameter and 11~15g in fruit weight. High pungency and recommended for dry purpose.
Asia Ggwa Ri Put
Specially bred for fresh fruit with short internode, high yielding ability. vigorous plant habits, and strong resistance to desease. Very well twisted with highly waxy. Very mild pungency when harvested earlier, but later becomes very strong pungency during summer season.
Jin No Rnag Put
A hybrid with light green fruit that turn to beautiful orange color in full maturity. Early maturity, excellent fruit setting.
Green Pen
New hight pungent pepper of yellowish light green color, 14~16cm long, 1.5~1.7cm in diameter and average weight of 12~13g per fruit. Very high pungent hybrid used both for fresh and dry matter.
Early Bird 5
Newly bred hybrid pepper for early maturity. Very suitable in lowland cultivation in south east asian region. High pungent fruits are 16~18cm in length, 1.6~2.0cm in diameter and 17~20g in weight.
Asia Bok
Late maturity, very small and hot chilli. Upright fruit setting and 6-7 fruits per internode. Fruit length 5-6cm, diameter 1.0cm. Vigorous plant is strong to disease and suitable for dehydration.
Asia Dan
Medium maturity. All fruit grows upright. Good performance in tropical regions with uniform and prolific fruit sets. Resistant to disease and plant has small and uniform fruits with very hot taste. Fruit size is about 5-6cm in length, 0.6-0.8cm in diameter and 3-4g in weight.
Vigorous plant setting big fruits are used for both fresh and dry matter. An average fruit length of 17cm, 2.5cm in diameter and 30g of each fruit weight.
Chindia 57
An early maturing, light green coloured fruits specially for fresh market. This hybrid has slender and straight growing habit. An average fruit length 17~18cm, 1.9~2.1cm in diameter and each fruit has around 23~25g in weight. It is very easy to grow since it grows erect and continues vigorous growth.
Chindia 30
Light green and attractive big fruits are widely used for fresh market. 18~19cm in fruit length, around 2cm in diameter, fruit weight of 25g.
Um Ji Put
This hybrid produce high yields of attractive shape, dark green colour. Avarage fruit sizes 8~9cm and cylindrical blunt shape. Good for fresh market as well as processing like canned goods, pickling.
Um Ji 21
Um Ji 21 has dark green, blunt ends and improved over common Um Ji Put especially a little more pungent flavour is added.
Um Ji 22
Um Ji 22 is similar to Um Ji Put but some pleasant and a little sweetness is added.
Asia Green
Asia Green is a smooth, 3~4 lobed blocky fruit with dark glossy green color. A high yielding and vigorous plant has a rather open plant habit. Good growth ability at low temperature and heat and TMV tolerance.

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Asia Seed Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1992
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Kyoung-Ou, Ryu
76-9 Garakbon-dong,Room 402 Garak B/D, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Fruit & Vegetable Seeds,Other Vegetables
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Company introduction

We are specialized hybrid cabbage, broccoli, pepper, chinese cabbage, radish, melon, watermelon, pak-choi, cucumber, onion and leaf vegetable etc.

We are exporting our varieties to every corner of the world.
We have great pleasure in giving our current vegetable seeds information in this website. We are doing our best efforts to successfully the hybrid seeds, so that our love for vegetables could lead to the development of world vegetable industry.
This "Asia seeds" Website is a plaza of vegetables for the world field, which is with the theme of "Joy of vegetable, herb and flower seed."

We hereby invite all the growers of the world to our website, hoping that many vegetable growers from the globe will purchase seeds and be rewarded with great fruits.

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