ACfine Premium Lotion(Skin Care Lotion, Trouble Care Lotion)

ACfine Premium Lotion(Skin Care Lotion, Trouble Care Lotion)

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lotion, skin care, trouble care,
Face Cream & Lotion
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AD Biotech Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
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Product Information

ACfine Premium Lotion(Skin Care Lotion, Trouble Care Lotion)


  • Apllicable to all skin types. Particularly effective for troubled/sensitive skin.
  • Moist, Smooth, Fresh and non-sticky texture.
  • Balances the moisture balance of the skin and keeps the skin moist and fresh.
  • Green tea oil extract: Rich vitamin A and B2 reduce acne and sooth the skin.
  • Plenty of vitamin C prevents liver spots, freckles and pigmentation and reduces the melanic pigmentation, thereby making the skin clear.
  • Cathechin controls sebum and eases acne and other skin troubles. It also helps anti-aging.
  • Aloe vera extract: Strong soothing, moisturizing and oxygenating effects promote cell proliferation and make the skin soft.
  • Sophora extract: Soothes sensitive skin and relieves itches and other skin troubbles. also makes the skin shine.
  • Egg yolk ingredients: Suppress skin troubles and pathogens.
    Anti-oxidation dffects make the skin healthy.
  • Natural sulfur: Controls waste matter and corneous in the skin and improves the skin.


  • Capacity : 150ml
  • Main ingredients : Egg yolk (A patent for egg-yolk: No. 10-0844083), aloe vera extract, green tea seed oil, natural sulfur and sophora extract.
  • Directions : After applying ACfine Moisture Essence, take quantum satis to the back of the hand and apply to facial and neck areas in outwards according to skin directions.

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AD Biotech Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
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Honggul Cheong
39, Geodudanji1-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gang-won-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Personal Care
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Company introduction
<p>Nature is the most significant issue in the 21stcentury.
For a while, the things so called 'technical'. in other words, operating, transforming and imitating nature is not welcome any more.

'Be Natural' is the vision of ADbiotech Co., Ltd.
We try to provide safer and more reliable product as much as possible.
Meeting nature on skin is the goal of ADbiotech Co., Ltd.
Ever since our introduction to the market in 2000, ADbiotech has been at the forefront of special cosmetics development.

That was IgY For preventing the skin trouble.
Strong and consistent growth combined with excellent health status and excellent skin status offer the costomer increased satisfaction.

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