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    The world's first Compact Semi Submarines
    You don't need to wear the specialized equipment to view under the sea.
    Professional training is not required. It is not necessarily for you to be a good swimmer.
    You don't need to endure the tight and narrow space to see under the sea.
    It provides anyone with new experience to view under the sea easily and safely.

    Everyone has dreamed of undersea exploration

    RAONHAJE has developed the best Compact Semi Submarine in order to observe and experience under the sea more easily and safety. RAONHAJE develops the Compact-Semi Submarine with the best technology in order to provide the value of nature and make passengers feel safer and more comfortable and it is not only for leisure equipment in the ocean.

    We have developed the ocean leisure equipment to protect the nature and coexist with nature. RAONHAJE will continue to constantly develop the technology to keep the value of nature even more cherished and coexist with nature and human beings.

    We generate lines through Computer aided design(CAD/CAM). We validate the safety and performance of the hull through computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) and produce precise and accurate mold through FIve-axis machine tools. We produce a higher quality of the hull, because we produce the product through hi-tech vacuum infusion method.

    We are applying both the latest and traditional technologies to produce the best Compact Semi Submarine. We continue to constantly develop and do research to make passengers comfort and convenience for them and improve driving performance.


    Marina Resort

    EGO SE is a boat for honeymoon couples, young couples, or family who visited the Marina Resort.
    While driving a boat by you, you will spend time only with two and it will provide an unforgettable experience. As a result, ocean leisure activities experienced from the existing marina resort and quite different from what they experience and it will give a big advantage compared with other marina resort.
    RAONHAJE also provides maintenance program as well as profit-generating progrram by using boats and give a support to generate the profit and maintain it efficiently. When necessary, RAONHAJE will give a support to design and build a mooring with professional design Production Company that is a partner of RAONHAJE.

    Research & Surveillant

    As the change in aquatic environment seems to get worse due to marine pollution and climate change, more attention is needed for environmental pollution and changes in the ocean as well as changes and contamination in the aquatic environment. However, it has realistic limitations due to the condition of water and management of pretty large region. But EGO can monitor and manage it without any restrictions, although it's a large region and under the sea.

    In addition, additional equipment can be added and various marine research activities can be done at real time if necessary. Upon the request of additional devices fit to the purpose, additional devices will be mounted and provided.


    EGO LE is a private Compact Semi Submarine in which you want to see it under the sea anywhere you want by using and mounting yachts docking system. Whenever and wherever you want to go, you can move in a yacht and experience a new world of under water. You can operate it by yourself and spend time with your family or couples under the sea without let or hindrance.

    You don't need to feel a sense of seal like a submarine.
    You don't need to get much higher training.
    EGO LE will provide natural aquarium for only you and your family.


    Dimensions & Weight

    Dimensions LxBxH
    L:3870mm B:3436mm H:2415mm
    Side Window
    Front Window
    1010mm (H) x 1050mm(B)
    Window Material
    Acrylic(Made by Germany)
    Window Thickness
    Weight(ex. passengers)
    Maximum Allowable Payload


    Propulsion Type
    Electrical/Outboard engine
    Max : 3knots, Cruising : 3knots
    Fuel type
    Running Time
    Max Speed - 4Hour
    Cruising Speed - 8Hours

    Other Equipment
    Monitoring LCD Ssystem for on the water Front, Battery Monitoring System, COLOR SUPER HAD CCD Camera(Waterproof), VHF Marine two way radio, Digital Depth Gauge, Digital Foot Pedal, F/B Switch, Compass, Clock

    Safety & Technology

    As marine pollution gets increasingly serious, the entry of a boat using fossil fuels has a tendency to be restricted in order to protect marine environment in each region and each country.
    EGO is an Electric Boat and an environment-friendly leisure equipment by not producing any environmental pollution.
    EGO boat is powered by a battery and can be operated more economical than a boat using diesel fuel.
    Easy Driving
    Since Driving System of the car was applied as much as possible, EGO can be operated like driving a car. Electronic Accelerator Pedal is applied instead of Throttle Lever existed in the existing boat and works in the same way of accelerator pedal of the car.
    You can control the direction intuitively and easily by adding the direction switch.
    Podded propulsion
    Podded propulsion which was used in large luxury cruise line or ship which needs fine operation is applied to operate the boat safely and easily. Podded propulsion turns ship propulsion itself and can rotate the hull easily rather than rotate the direction by using the conventional rudder and outboard motor.
    Floating Hull
    Floating Hull mounted on both sides of the central hull(Cabin) of the ship helps operate the ship reliably and prevents from sinking upon emergency such as a damage of central hull.
    Since Bulkhead mounted on the inside of Floating Hull, even if the Floating Hull is damaged, it is designed not to lose the entire buoyancy and protects occupants as much as possible.
    Strengthened Window
    Window of EGO is made of special acrylic materials which are almost 200 times stronger than ordinary glass. This material is mostly used in the aquarium and is 20mm thick and can better withstand water pressure and therefore, it has less risk of breakage. In addition, more than 90% visible light transmission makes it more clearly visible unerwater and yellowing phenomenon does not occur even after a long life. It lasts long and can be maintained easily.


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      "Developers of ECO-Friendly Marine Leisure"

      People want to admire the underwater scenery - easily and safely. Raonhaje fulfills these demands by providing Compact Semi-Submarines equipped with State-of-the-Art technology. Raonhaje goes a step further.

      We always think of the environment - the future of our oceans. We want to allow our future generations, our children, to also enjoy the privileges that we have. That is why we constantly research for a cleaner solution.

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        Compact Semi Submarine -EGO

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