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14 Dongwon Korean Ginseng Co., Ltd.

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    Korean Hogandan is a product producted in tablet from by hygienically extracting fruits of Oriental Raisin Tree, which is also called as Jiguja, in a proper mixture ratio so that it makes, taking more convenient for busy contemporary people, employees frequent occasion of drinking liquors, and middle aged people. of companies, who have According to <Botanical List>, it is brownish and has a diameter of about 8mm. And it has delicate fragrance and also has both of sweet and sour flavors.


    It contains plenty of various kinds of sugar, potassium, iron and others too.


    In particular, a result of research has proved that Hovenodulinol, which has excellent effect in relieving hangovers through strong de-intoxication of alcohol, was confirmed in Hovenia Thunb and therefore, it is excellent in protection effect of the liver.


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    14 Dongwon Korean Ginseng Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Nam-cheol

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      Jincheon-eub, Changkwan-ri,418-5, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Herbal Medicine

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      We always focus that we supply customer an article of the highest quality. We have been making an effort to produce better quality by all employees the same.

      As, not only a Ginseng manufacturer, but exporter as well, we have been devoting ourselves to this business so we have enjoyed good reputation from Asia, Europe and America. In order to guarantee our products quality, we certified HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, Clean Factory and established Industrial R&D Center.

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