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Ware Valley Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

Database Security Overview

�Understanding the DB security industry paradigm

① From investment and construction to efficient use of resources and security era. In the last 10 years, the main goal of the IT industry was expanding the infra. However, the focus has now shifted, and has become a national task, to develop it in a safe and sound manner. Protection of information assets, no longer simply means the protection of the physical system or software, but encompasses internal security and establishment of security awareness.

As a result, regulations and guides for IT users and solution vendors are being created, in order to guarantee the efficiency and saftey of the information infra. The convenience of information usage and a real-time execution environment has led to various forms of threatening factors. As such ill effects increase, regulations and supervision are expected to be reinforced to secure stability.

Information system related regulations and an IT compliance market are being created, in order to meet such industrial demands.

Compliance demands on firms are expected to increase, and once a regulation is made it will continue to be enforced.

The larger and higher a building rises, the higher the demands of more stringent regulations, such as, provision of estinguishers, emergency staircases, and heliports. Likewise, as society relies more and more on the information system, demands for secure and unfragmented information will arise from outside the corporal environment, leading to the development of relavent solutions. At present, compliance demands on companies have only just begun to arise. However, it is expected that, not only compliance demands on server and storage hardware, system software, application software, but also, demands on IT services integrating hardware and software will increase, in the near future.

② Implementing a real-time monitor, restriction and auditing system for DB operations within a company.

Although there have been various IT related regulations in the past, recent demands have led to more systematic regulations, such as, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA) of 2002, Basel II by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and information security regulation. The SOA was established in response to the Enron, WorldCom accounting scandals of 2001, to ensure transparency in financial statements and disclosures. Such regulations have made it necessary for global corporations, such as, POSCO, to construct an internal restriction system and establish response strategies in advance, for protecting information and managing hazards. In addition, increasing personal information security awareness, and reported cases of leakage of important information(data), have led to a demand for technology to secure such information, and develop a system for system developers and administrator to efficiently manage, monitor, and restrict accesses to information.

Protection of important data and prevention of DB leakage without loading the system, by 100% logging of all real-time monitor, restriction, and accesses to the database under surveillance, and post-analysis of the logged records.

Establishing an information security system in response to IT compliance. Not only is it necessary to establish an internal restriction system, it is also imperative that general security problems be solved, such as, those related to processes, the operation system, document access, database security and backup, in order to fully comply with this regulation.

The importance of not only internal operation system security, but also secure management, restriction, and auditing of the database containing vital company information, is being more and more emphasized.

For efficient database security management, a system for real-time monitor and logging of all DB accesses is needed, in order to apply security restrictions in advance and aquire proof for enforcing regulations.

Product Features & Architecture

The database systems managed by companies are various and the tasks complicated. In a large system which deals with several thousand transitions per second, even a short interval of abnormal operation can cause huge losses. It therefore important to choose a system that will cause 0% damage, when establishing a DB security system for monitoring the database on a real-time basis.

The company's operations must not be affected even when a physical problem occurs in the system under surveillance. Chakra offers a solution for such requirements, enabling real-time monitoring of the database, without needing to access the database. Chakra identifies all tasks requested to the database and by whom, on a real-time basis, enables searching of when, where, and which data, is queried and modified by whom, and supplies the necessary information for troubleshooting when a problem occurs.

Protection Real-time monitoring of all accesses to the database (Host, Application, User, ID, time) and the contents of the task (SQL type and etc.)
In the case of a violation to an established security policy, immediate alert and reaction, such as, denial-of-service.
Auditing 100% monitoring and logging of queries and modifications by all tasks (including server side tasks), without loading the system, and without accessing the database.
Convenient tracking and searching of the contents of the recorded tasks.
Monitoring & eporting Saving of the records of all accesses to the database, and post-audit.
Utilization of analysis reports from various points of view of the real-time statistics of the logged data.
Performance diagnosis based on data mining technique, and preventive measures for security violations.



  1. First software to employ the hybrid method in Korea
    • Normal accesses via applications are monitored and logged using the Sniffing method :
    • Guarantees stability and causes no load on the system.
    • Abnormal accesses via Tools are monitored, restricted, and logged using the Gateway method, on a real-time basis.
    • Sole product which supports the following : Normal and Abnormal satisfying compliance, GW, integrated management for Sniffing, user access information including the result data.
  2. Integrated monitoring and restriction of accesses to commercially available DB
    • Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS-SQL, and etc.
  3. Achievement of dis-fragmented SQL logging and enhanced product stability, through more than 3 years of service to major companies, in Korea and abroad.
  4. Integrated monitoring of Network and Server, through local logging
    • Expanding of the DB security domain, by monitoring the tasks and executions made by authorized personnel on the server side(console or Telnet).
  5. Official quality evaluation and certification
    • Certification of Excellent Korean Technology (KT Mark), Certificate of Software Quality of TTA, Public Procurement excellent product, New software grand prize , Dasan technology prize and etc.
  6. Excellent product acknowledgment by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and Public Procurement Service
    • Patent No. : 0481130, Patent No. : 2005047

Supported Platforms & Data Sheet

H/W Specification Chakra Hybrid for Enterprise Chakra GW FOR SMB
  • H/W Specification : Chakra Hybrid for Enterprise Chakra GW FOR SMB
  • OS : Windows, Unix, Linux OS : Linux
  • H/W : Intel, Sun, IBM, HP and etc. HW : (standard size is allotted according to the scale of the system)
  • SQL Capture : 1~20,000/sec Chakra GW 100 : Intel Xeon 3GHz,
  • Disk Capacities : 10~20GB / Day Memory 2G / HDD 140G
  • differs according the the operational system environment and logging policies Chakra GW 1000 : Intel Xeon 3GHz*2CPU
  • target DBMS : Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS-SQL Memory 4G / HDD 200G

    * refer to the Chakra functions supplement

Details of Feature
Chakra v2.1.3 vs Chakra v3.0.0

  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Controlling of access and privileges
  • Log Search and Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Restoration
  • Tool
  • Security of the security server
  • Technical Spec.
  • Installation and Method
  • License
  • Other

B2B Trade

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Ware Valley Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type


Samsoo Son
11fl, Samhwan Bldg., 98-5, Unni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-742, Korea
Product Category
Computer Software
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

WareValley, Inc is privately held company, founded by former Oracle Korea management and engineering team in 2001. We have been focusing on developing innovative database related software and solutions which can help our customers manage and protect mission critical data in Oracle, and IBM, MS SQL, and Sybase environment.
Our company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with distributors in Japan, where we are making noticeable market penetration in the first year. Our management team consists of proven top professionals with extensive technology and management experiences from Oracle, Siebel, and one of the most successful software start-up, E-Net Corp.
Currently, we are recognized as #1 database security / compliance Solution Company in Korea and our customer base is growing rapidly with a few top leading enterprises in Korea and Japan. Our customer lists include a few leading enterprises in diversified industry area, such as retail / institutional banking, government agency, manufacturing, healthcare, and one of the largest retail / home shopping companies.
Today's leading enterprises are facing with increasing internal / external threats to information security and strict regulatory environment, such as SOx (Sarbanes-Oxley), BASEL II, GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI. Our innovative market leading Database security / audit product, Chakra, is designed as core building block of IT infrastructure to prevent and manage information security issues with full auditing capability without affecting the database servers and infrastructure to meet those regulatory requirements, as well as to satisfy customers' own information security standard.

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