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Computer Software
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Ware Valley Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

Orange Info

• What is Orange?
When developing programs to access the DB data, not only is it necessary to define the data structure and construct an efficient SQL code, it is also important to provide both appropriate tools for tuning and a consistent interface in which to monitor and manage the data. Warevalley has produced an innovative tool, Orange, based on expert field and consulting experiences in Oracle, with competitive technology. Orange is an application development and performance management tool, which provides easy steps to develop, tune and monitor SQL and PL/SQL codes, simplifying management of the database, speeding development, and enhancing productivity. Orange is designed to fully satisfy the needs of any development environment, and expects to open a new era in Oracle database management and maintenance.

• Special Features

  • Intuitive and outstanding GUI
  • Elimination of interfence between multi windows by multi-threading
  • Systematic integration of all tools
  • Provides functions required by developers
  • Verified management and tuning methods

Main Features

Query Builder Creation of SQLs simply by clicking the mouse
SQL Tool Creation and execution of SQL s and PL/SQL s
PL/SQL Tool Creation, compilation, execution debugging of PL/SQL s, and LOCK function for concurrent users
Plan Tool SQL execution planning, real-time trace analysis
Table Editor Retrieval, edit and saving of table data
Trace Tool Analysis of trace files via Local, Network, FTP
SchemaBrowser Provides Information of all accessible users
Description Tool Description of all objects in the database
Database Information Comprehensive information of Instances
Data Dictionary Tool Classification and description of all the Views in Oracle
Network Configuration Tool Supports SQL *Net
File Editor Editing of SQLs and text using a powerful editor
SQL Monitor Provides SQL statistics according to various criteria
Session Monitor Monitoring and tuning of resource usage by sessions
Transaction Monitor Monitoring of transistion status of each session
Lock/Latch Monitor Provides list of Locks and Latch es in the system, and monitors the dependency
ERP Monitor Monitoring and tuning of Oracle ERP
Export/Import Tool Provides a GUI interface for Export and Import
Loader Loading and Unloading of text and Excel files
Instance Monitor Displays the current Instance status of the target DB in 9 graphs, on a real-time basis
Space Manager Displays the current tablespace/datafile usage in the form of a Color Map.
Security Manager Controls accesses to the System or Objects by managing Schema, Role, Profile
Analyze Manager Provides analyze method of Schema/Object
Graph & Report Provides comprehensive analysis methods for Schema/Object
Health & Report Dictionary description/User-defined item report, User-defined graph/real-time graph
Log Miner Analysis of the current status of the database from multiple points of view
Reorg Manager Real-time table online reorg/extraction of target using the dbms_redifinition package

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Ware Valley Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type


Samsoo Son
11fl, Samhwan Bldg., 98-5, Unni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-742, Korea
Product Category
Computer Software
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

WareValley, Inc is privately held company, founded by former Oracle Korea management and engineering team in 2001. We have been focusing on developing innovative database related software and solutions which can help our customers manage and protect mission critical data in Oracle, and IBM, MS SQL, and Sybase environment.
Our company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with distributors in Japan, where we are making noticeable market penetration in the first year. Our management team consists of proven top professionals with extensive technology and management experiences from Oracle, Siebel, and one of the most successful software start-up, E-Net Corp.
Currently, we are recognized as #1 database security / compliance Solution Company in Korea and our customer base is growing rapidly with a few top leading enterprises in Korea and Japan. Our customer lists include a few leading enterprises in diversified industry area, such as retail / institutional banking, government agency, manufacturing, healthcare, and one of the largest retail / home shopping companies.
Today's leading enterprises are facing with increasing internal / external threats to information security and strict regulatory environment, such as SOx (Sarbanes-Oxley), BASEL II, GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI. Our innovative market leading Database security / audit product, Chakra, is designed as core building block of IT infrastructure to prevent and manage information security issues with full auditing capability without affecting the database servers and infrastructure to meet those regulatory requirements, as well as to satisfy customers' own information security standard.

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