Solsonggju (Korean Traditional Pine Liquor)13%, 40%

Solsonggju (Korean Traditional Pine Liquor)13%, 40%

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MeongGaWon Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

This femented wine is made from glutinous rice, pine needle and pine tree bud from Mt. Chri (old name, Jiri) by fermentation, maturation and filtration, consisting of 13% of medical wine of pine scent and 40% of liquor, one of Korean traditional wine.

Characteristics of Solsongju (Pine resin liquor) Products

Solsongju is home-brewed liquor, which was originated and is being handed down for the 16th generation of the family of Yeo-Chang Jeong, a master of metaphysics with the pen name of II-Du, and the poets pen name of Mun-Hyeon, who was also one of the Five Good Men in the Chosun Dynasty. When you drink Solsongju, you are also taking the marvelous efficacy of the pine needles. There are two kinds in Solsongju, Yakju (Medicinal wine : 13%) and Liqueurs (40%).

13% Yakju is pine scented, mild and savory taste liquor and does not cause a hangover. It should be stored in cool and dark places and should drink it cold for proper tasting. (Expiration Date in 6 months)

40% Liqueurs has light pine fragrance and gentle when swallowing.
The aroma and taste gets better with age. (Mature for a long term)

The efficacy of the pine needles
Theyre good for the heart, and prevent strokes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, various geriatric diseases, senile dementia, and aging process.

The principal functions that pine needles have on a human body Eliminating operation of activated carbon which causes aging and cancer Purifying operation on the blood vessel and blood Eliminating cholesterol in blood and discharging waster matter Quantity supplying of indispensable nutritive substances for human body

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MeongGaWon Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Cheonsang Jung
520-1, Changpyeong-ri, Jigok-myeon,, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
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Other Alcohols
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Company introduction

MyeongGaWon, one of good traditional wine producing company which is producing Solsongju Wine, Black Raspberry Wine and Wild Grape Wine, is covered with fresh water and old pine trees from old time as it is located in Gaepyoung-ri, Jikok-myun of Hamyang-myun around edge of Jiri Mountain where was known as typical nobility of Chosun Dynasty. Products of MyoungGaWon are traditional high quality wine of gentry family which has handed down for 350 years in the Duke of Jaebum JEONG who was once a Tonghundaebu and Governor of Jaecheon.

Old house of Ildoo, Mr. Yeochang JEONG.
It was now handed down to the master of Heungsun PARK passing through her mother, grand mother, great-grand mother in law.

-Korean Grand Master NO.27
-Liquor Quality Certificate(National Tax Service Republic of KOREA)

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