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14 KNET Co., Ltd.

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    Swift Connector

    No need for

    • epoxy, polishing and matching gel in the field
    • preparing optical cable in a length such as pigtail and patch code for extra optical fiber cables
    • Space in contact closure clusters for storing the sleeves
    • Realization of high fiber optic properties
    • worker's special skill
    • special equipment (ie. Angle cleaver) for APC connector work


    • Being able to fusion splice Swift Connector directly
    • Protecting the fusion splicing point inside of the Swift connector body
    • Being able to measure the fiber optic properties from the end of the optical cable in the same as the ordinary fusion splicing
    • Enabling cluster operations to meet the customer's optimal demand
    • Saving capital expense and work time
    • No need of special training FTTx installation of backbone network
    • Being able to implement insertion loss and return loss

    Swift Connector Use
    Strip, Cleave, Clean, Splice, Sleeve Procedure : Using Swift-F1 Fusion Splicer


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    14 KNET Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Gobu-myun, Gobunongdan-Gil 41, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

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      Fiber Optic Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      dlduK-Net, specialized in making polyethylene pipe for communication and civil engineering, has done its best to provide products of the best quality based on management ideology of "the company oriented to respecting humans and satisfying customers" since the establishment in 2002.

      K-Net not only has played a part in developing Korea by participating in constructing the networks of optical cable communication as a backbone of national communication networks but also has been researching and providing SCD pipe and Microduct for FTTH needed to build upcoming Broadband Network Society in the future.

      In addition, we are always doing our best with open mind to customers' requests in the field of water supply pipe/drain pipe, energy piping and off-shore structure with the first priority of customer satisfaction.

      K-Net cherishing life and environment promises to do its best steadily in order to open the happy world wanted by customers and the future dreamed of by customers based on continuous change and innovation.

    • Main Product
      • Thick Walled Microduct (Flat Duct & Multi Duct)

        Thick Walled Microduct (Flat Duct Multi Duct)

      • Swift Connector

        Swift Connector

      • Tube Distribution Closure

        Tube Distribution Closure

      • Rack Mounted

        Rack Mounted

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