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5 YoungShin Furniture & Space Co., Ltd.

Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level1

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Main products Office Furniture - Desk (YSPTU16)
Folding Chairs (YSMP610)
Side Cabinet (YSSTDU75)
Swivel Chair (YSU5000)

Product Information


  • Urethane edge applied on the front top board ensures safety of users and products with the elasticity of the material peculiar. Also, because its adhesion and waterproof are much better than existing adhesive edge, there's no deformation during the period you use.
  • It is designed to reduce work circulation system and give users psychological stability by processing front top of board as curves.
  • It is easy to deploy OA equipment for computer users and it has enough space for general office work at the same time.
  • It can be connected to side extension or cabinet, so you can expend storage space as well as the work area.


1600×1200×720 (W/D/H)

Top View
Front View
Side View