Acrylic/Cotton/Wool/Polyester/Spandex Blend A/W Fabric

Acrylic/Cotton/Wool/Polyester/Spandex Blend A/W Fabric

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Polyester / Cotton Fabric


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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name Acrylic/Cotton/Wool/Polyester/Spandex Blend A/W Fabric Certification -
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Product Information

Acrylic/Cotton/Wool/Polyester/Spandex blend A/W fabric

  • Item No.: HEW-059
  • Composition:ACR44/CO44/W5/PE4/SP3
  • Width: 52-54"
  • Weight: 360g/yard
  • MOQ: 300-350 yards per color, 600 yards per shipment
  • Lead Time: 20-30days

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type
Seongho Eom
Olive Bldg., 4F, 188-10, Chungsin-dong, Joongro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Other Fabric
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Company introduction

About Us

Since establishment in 1998, we have been devoted to production of circular knitting fabrics.

Our products are well-known in our local market as well as well-received by our customers on account of their trendy and appealing characteristic. This is our pride.

Because we ourselves manufacture all items in our company with our passion and perception in line with current trend.

Plz share your times to surf on our website,, for your looking-over on our products.

Knit Quality Kinds
* Wool
* Acrylic
* Nylon (Polyamid)
* Polyester
* Rayon/Viscose
* Tencel
* Modal
* Acetate
* Cupra
* Linen (Flax)

* Solid
* Print
* Plain
* Jacquard

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