Basalt composite rebar

Basalt composite rebar

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Construction Materials Processing , Other Fiberglass Products , Plastic Building Materials
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Product name Basalt composite rebar Certification -
Category Construction Materials Processing
Other Fiberglass Products
Plastic Building Materials
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Basalt non-metallic rebar (RNB) is made from basalt roving and binding composite materials. The main difference between basalt non-metallic rebar and fiberglass is high resistance to alkali and other corrosive environments, and the tensile strength is 3-4 times higher than the standard steel rebar.

LSK Co. LTD offers basalt non-metallic high-modulus rebar (RNB HM) with enhanced physical and mechanical characteristics as well as varying elastic modulus in the range from 110 000 to 200 000 N/mm2. The replacement steel rebar by RNB HM is defined of the value of elastic modulus and tensile strength individually for each order.

Basalt non-metallic and basalt non-metallic high modulus rebars are made with a diameter of 4-28 mm, standard length of 6, 12 meters, and any length according to customer's requirement. Rebar diameter 10 mm can be staffed in the rolls.

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Medvedeva Larisa
Lot M1, Phuc Long IP, National road 1 A, Ben luc townlet, Ben Luc district, Long An province, Vietnam
Product Category
Construction Materials Processing,Other Fiberglass Products,Plastic Building Materials
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Company introduction

LSK Co. LTD is one of the leading global companies in the use modern construction and new engineering methods. LSK focuses its new and innovative technology to improve the quality and reduce the cost in construction projects. The company staff has extensive experience in numerous construction projects in Asia and Russia. LSK not only provides advanced construction materials but is instrumental in overseeing organizing and guiding the entire planning and construction process. LSK has successfully worked with private and public industrial sectors to achieve maximum quality and reliability.

Innovation, a high technical level of manufacturing and quality control systems, results in a high demand for LSK products. Quality control is performed at all stages of production: from the careful selection of suppliers and testing of incoming materials, to the extensive testing of the finished products. LSK products are widely recommended by design firms for use in various sectors of construction and manufacturing.

The company is staffed with highly qualified specialists who always seek to advance the production method to maximize the quality of the final products.

The level of the technical support for the manufacturing process is at the highest standards. The company employs fullest automatization of tasks. The staff members are extensively trained with innovative software and new equipment. This allows LSK to carry out orders of the highest quality products as quickly as possible.

LSK Co. LTD has its main focus in the development and manufacturing of non-metallic materials such as composite rebar in various embodiments, composite fibers and other light building materials.

In a modern world market, composite rebar is an essential material and has a very high potential for growth. Its characteristics greatly exceed conventional steel rebar. In the coming years, these qualities will allow composite rebar to quickly dominate the world construction market.

Depending on the requirements, LSK Co. Ltd provides various types of composite rebar. One of the products that LSK manufactures is composite rebar with the tensile strength from 1250 to 1850 N/mm2 and with an adjustable elastic modulus in the range from 70 000 to 200 000 N/mm2. LSK Co. LTD has all the necessary technical permits, certificates and documents to insure the highest standards of quality.

The manufacturing capacity of LSK is constantly expanding, newest high-precision equipment is acquired, new storage facilities are built and additional supporting elements in the manufacturing sector are organized.

LSK works with its clients until full the completion and satisfaction of the project.

The company not only provides the highest quality products but also offers maximum technical support to create an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation with its clients.

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