Portable solar generator

Portable solar generator

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Taeho industry company / Taeho Electronics

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South Korea South Korea / 2012
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Solar Energy System
Solar Energy Products
Other Solar Energy Products
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Portable solar generator


ECO self-generator without internal combustion engine produces no pollution at all. Emergency charging in outdoor and using car cigar jack is possible and charge amount of the generator can be increased by connecting to external batteries. AM-3W, AM2000 and AM3000 which can be used as substitutional electricity of the house have realized zero electricity charge by substituting the power supplied by KEPCO.
AM-2000 which can cover all of required power at home in case of sudden blackout. It can substitute existing photovoltaic system with capacity of 5Kw completely and it can be used as substitutional power without electricity charge at home where the electricity of KEPCO is not available. By developing AM3000 which can output up to 9.6Kw, electricity can be used without fuel cost and electricity charge any where.


  • It does not cause pollution at all as it can generate power by itself without an internal combustion engine.
  • It can be charged by self-power generation outdoors.
  • It can be charged up through a cigarette lighter in a vehicle when driving.
  • It can be charged up and used in ordinary households in case of emergencies such as natural disasters and has its own generation facilities.
  • It can both supply and receive AC, DC power to/from an external battery
  • It has a terminal for connection to an external battery for the generator to increase the amount of chargeable electricity, which enables to increase the battery capacity.
  • It enables to charge an internal battery 3 times faster than an ordinary battery charger and an external battery as well. (with self-generation of electricity for 5 minutes, it lasts for 40 minutes)


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Taeho industry company / Taeho Electronics

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
Business type
marble Board / Nonpower Generator
339-12, Gyomun-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Generators,Aluminum Composite Panels
Year Established
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Taeho industry is one of top manufacturers of solar generator system in korea.
Nowadays we’ve been facing the global power shortage status, unstable atomic power plant and construction limit of new power plant causing environmental side affect.
In compliance with this stream , We’ve developed a non-powered Eco generator for the first time in the world available with AC/DC, input/output simultaneously. This is a eco-friendly generator rechargeable with solar light, general household electricity or manual handle.
Because it is not using the power of internal combustion engine it doesn’ts cause any environmental contamination, pollution and noise  furthermore, it is economical.
In this regards, it can be used for camping, replacement of household electricity in disaster, electricity supply for the mountains/remote areas and street vendor/self-employed people etc.  It is an epoch-making generator that can reduce the social and economic cost drastically. 
Thanks for your kind interest about our product.


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