Mondglac Herb Hair Dye

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hair dye, refill, herb dye, replacement,
Hair Dye

Hair Friend Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
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Product Information

Classification: Products for hair style design

Country: Made in Korea

Components of product: hair dye, oxidizer, three kinds of dyeing cloth

Usage: products for hair dyeing of natural ingredients including herb


Explanation of Products:

The product was designed to innovate hair coloring methods by combining a comb and dyeing paste so that people can dye and comb simultaneously.

It is also to definitely improve the existing methods of dyeing.

People will not be satisfied with the numerous dyeing products in the market now if they begin to feel inconvenienced when they use them because it will take much more time for them to dye their hair.

As a semi permanent product, our traditional fine-tooth bamboo-shaped Mondglock comb is created to solve this problem.

It is supposed to transude the paste from the comb through brushing.

Also, people can choose the kind of the teeth of a comb and color depending on their taste or style and the left-over can be reused or be of portable after being separated.



Creativity: It is a combination of the Korean traditional fine-tooth comb and dyeing paste so that people can dye their hair thoroughly.

Convenience: People can equip the different teeth of a comb freely depending on their hair style.

Safety: It is free of the dangers of explosion and is eco-friendly because the dyeing paste and nitrogen are stored separately inside the pouch bag of a can.

Design: It is a selected product of the 2009 excellent design. <GD Mark>

Clealiness: It washes off when being rinsed in running water.

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Hair Friend Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
Business type
Ko Hee Suk
#101 Daewon Villa 2329-1, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Product Category
Hair Brush,Hair Dye,Brush
Year Established
Company introduction
Hair Friend Corporation develops its high-end technology, superior quality and service including convenience, efficiency applying to our traditional fine-tooth comb and beautiful design inspired by the graceful figure of a woman who is combing her hair.

It will also implement research and development in order to meet the needs of customers and seek overseas expansion.

It will be certain to create a bright and sound corporate culture and high-quality products through honest and clean management as a small but capable company to attract the utmost interest from customers.

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South Korea South Korea


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