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Product Information

BioSun LED Photosynthesis Solution

The LED photosynthesis device

  • BioSun is a professional plantation equipment designed to facilitate crop growth and production by stimulating phytochrome, which in turn enhances the efficiency of photosynthetic process in the sunlight wavelength spectrum.
  • BioSun offers much more than a simple power switch; it is a highly versatile illuminator that gives you the flexibility to choose from default lighting schemes or combine any colors of your choice with a wider range of light penetration.
  • With the BioSun rectangular flat design, the LED lights are able to reach every corner of your plants continuously, further improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the photosynthesis process.
  • Take control of your plantations growth speed and shipping schedules with BioSun and its unique brightness sensor ensures automatic dimming under
    any weather conditions.

Illumination (Tolerances : ±2%)

Power Consumption 25W 50W
Lux 10cm 17,100 25,500
20cm 6,400 9,600
PPFD (µmol/m2s) 10cm 400 815
20cm 155 260

Wavelength (25W)

Features of growth of farm produce after the installation of BioSun

Strawberry The time of flowering and number of flowers have increased, gray mold has been deterred, the number of fruits has increased, the appearance of fruits has improved.
Blueberry The time of flowering has been advanced, so has the time of harvest.
Paprika There has been an increase in the time of flowering and number of flowers.
The fruits have been produced consecutively without the formation of group 2.
The paprika skin has been thickened, which has enhanced freshness and storage.
The paprika has taken the blocky form with fewer poor fruits. Gray mold has been deterred.
Courgette The time of flowering, which was not uniformed due to the irregular sunshine, has become uniformly set at a certain period of time, which would facilitate pollination and prevent unnecessary growth of stems and branches.
It also helps reduce poor fruits and increase productivity.
Raising of seedling The period of raising of seedling has been reduced, which has advanced the time of seedling of plants in the farm field. Strong seedling can be grown too.

The results of BioSun found in all crops are as follows

  • Leaves have become thicker and stiffer. Unnecessary growth of stems and branches has been prevented.
  • BioSun is about the amount of sunshine and can be applied in follow-up cultivation after the growth or main crops.

Farm produce, for which BioSun can be applied

  • Strawberry, Chrysanthemum, Sesame leaf, Paprika, Cucumber, Courgette, Oriental melon, Blueberry, Sesame seed, Tomato, Flowers, Green vegetables, and other crops that are grown in facilities.

Places for BioSun

  • An area where the average amount of sunshine is insufficient due to lots of fog and unstable weather
  • Too shady location in the mountain area
  • A house that is shaded from the sun due to structural problems like shades in plastic greenhouse
  • Shady locations inside the house due to an angle of incidence of the sunlight.


Size 430mm(W) x 90mm(L) x 60mm(H)
Input Voltage AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 24V
Power Consumption 25W
Operating Temperature(°C) -20 ~ +80
Life Span(Hour) 50,000
Material Aluminum
Power Factor over 0.96
LED Quantity 128 pieces
Emitting Colors White(5700K) / Red(635nm) / Blue(460nm)
Net Weight 1.4kg
Certification CE, KC
Place of Origin South Korea
* Dedicated heat-resistant IC driver for LED bulb protection


Deployment diagram

  • Installation point : Top shelf
  • Spacing criteria(W) : 0.5~4m(optional)
  • High(H) : 0.5~4m(optional)
  • Lighting span : 120° from source
  • Lighting area : 10~15m2
  • Luminance : adjustable

Characteristic by color

  • Blue-based White Lightings : Blue-based White Lightings provide photosynthetic benefits by increasing sunlight exposures, White lights also help remove unwanted irregularities in plant developments and fruit bearings.
  • Blue Lightings : Blue Light in the 420nm~470nm wavelengths increases the leaf areas and boosts photosynthetic process.
    Blue Light wavelengths also improve the leaf width, thickness, fruit shaping, and prevents abnormal development.
  • Red Lightings : Red light, which occurs at the wavelength of 640nm~670nm, significantly enhances photosynthetic performance, thus facilitating the blossoming and shaping of flowers and fruits.

Where it is put in place now

Agreement with Partner Farms

Regional Farming Corporation and Crop Organization Planted areas Planted crops
Hapcheon Gaya Flower Farming Union 850m2 Paprika, highland vegetables
Andong Kimi Bio Crop Organization 27,500m2 Courgette, Strawberry, Melon
Andong Eoullim Corp Organization 10,770m2 Courgette, Strawberry, Melon
Andong Cheonhey Corp Organication 2,500m2 Courgette, Strawberry, Melon
Goryeong Berry Hills 600m2 Blueberry
Hapcheon Strawberry farming households 525m2 Strawberry
Jeju Korea Airports Corporation 1,000m2 Paprika, Tomato, Green vegetables
Sangju Hanun farm 600m2 Cucumber


B2B Trade

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#707 E&C Inno-Biz Tower Shindang-dong, Dalseo-guDaegu,
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Agricultural Greenhouses,LED Lighting
Company introduction

Keeping step with 'environment-friendly green growth development' which is a current trend, the products that used LED (Light Emitting Diode) by employing the substance that is of help to energy saving and harmless to the human body are on the rise. We 'BST' manufacture a product of artificial solar plant photosynthesis device "BioSun" applying this LED so develop mass-produce the product which is of help to growth of small crops or plant while anybody can easily use without restriction to time and place. Thank you. Kim Young Won/A president & CEO

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