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9 ESCO Steel Company.

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  • Country

    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
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    1. Fasteners
      - Anchor Bolts & Nuts, Stud Bolts & Nuts, Welding Stud, Insulation Pin & Clip
      - High Strength Bolt & Nut, Machining Screw, Thread Bar, SagRod (tie Rod), Plug
    2. Machining Item
      - Shaft or Marine Engine
      - Holding Down Bolt & Nut
      - Connecting Rod Bolt & Nut
      - Heating Bolt & Nut
    3. Plant Item
      - Anchor Sleeve & Plate, Ladder, Lifting Bar
    4. Coating
      - HOT - Dip Galvanized, Electric Galvanized, Parcronized
      - P.T.F.E Coating (Poly Tetre Flour Ethlene)
      - Cadmium Plating, Nickel/Chromium (Electro Plating)
      - Parkerizing
    5. Material
      - Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel Alloy Steel Duplex Alloy Steel
      - Silicone - Bronze, Bracket, Check Plate
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    9 ESCO Steel Company.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      KIM JI WON

    • Address

      #Woo-dong, 1817, Ocean Tower, Haeundaehaebyun-ro 203, , Haeundae-gu, Busan,

    • Product Category

      Flanges,Pipe Fittings,Metal Forging Machinery

    • Company introduction

      ESCO was established in 2004 by the workforce who have already participated many projects related with ship-building, petrochemical, nuclear, and wind-power etc., for more than 20 years. We ESCO supply not only the standard flanges like ANSI, JIS, MSS, DIN, and AWWA but also non-standard flanges like nozzle, and forged neck flanges etc. We've been doing our best to realize customer's satisfaction through both quality service at a reasonable price and a prompt and dedicated response in the filed of high-pressure flanges and heat exchanging equipment and the like. Being awarded the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 we are on progress of beating a new path with our world class customers.

    • Main Markets
      • U.A.E. U.A.E.
      • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • Head Forming

        Head Forming

      • Bolt & Nuts

        Bolt Nuts

      • Gasket


      • Pipe


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