Waterproof Aluminium diecasting Enclosure

Waterproof Aluminium diecasting Enclosure

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South Korea
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control box, enclosure, aluminium enclosure, aluminum enclosure,
Electrical Equipment , Electrical Supplies , Power Supplies

Boxco Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1999
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Exhibition 1

Busan Expo 2022
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Product name Waterproof Aluminium diecasting Enclosure Certification -
Category Electrical Equipment
Electrical Supplies
Power Supplies
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Keyword control box , enclosure , aluminium enclosure , aluminum enclosure Unit Size -
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Product Information


  • 1. BOXCO's diecast aluminum enclosures have excellent resistance against chemicals.
    2. It is sealed enclosure and can be used in wide temperature range.
    3. It is proper to be used for indoor, outdoor or coastal area in harmful environment where expected to be contact with sea water.

    Level of dustproof and waterproofIP 66/67 │ IK 09/10
    Impact test
    Temperature range
    Flammability Rating
    Rated insulation voltage
    Rated impulse voltage
    Rated current capacity
    Size(included cover)ModelMounting Plate
    W X L X H(mm)W X L X H(inch)Aluminum boxSteelSize
    40x50x32 1.77x1.96x1.25BC-AL-050503
    64x58x34 2.51x2.28x1.33BC-AL-060603
    64x58x46 2.51x2.28x1.81BC-AL-060605
    64x98x34 2.51x3.85x1.33BC-AL-061003
    64x98x46 2.51x3.85x1.81BC-AL-061005
    64x150x34 2.51x5.90x1.33BC-AL-061503
    64x150x46 2.51x5.90x1.81BC-AL-061505
    80x75x57 3.14x2.95x2.24BC-AL-0808060808A
    80x75x70 3.14x2.95x2.75BC-AL-0808070808A
    80x125x57 3.14x4.92x2.24BC-AL-0813060813A
    80x125x70 3.14x4.92x2.75BC-AL-0813070813A
    80x175x57 3.14x6.88x2.24BC-AL-0818060818A
    80x175x70 3.14x6.88x2.75BC-AL-0818070818A
    80x250x57 3.14x9.84x2.24BC-AL-0825060825A
    80x250x70 3.14x9.84x2.75BC-AL-0825070825A
    100x100x81 3.93x3.93x3.18BC-AL-1010081010A
    100x160x81 3.93x6.29x3.18BC-AL-1016081016A
    120x122x81 4.72x4.80x3.18BC-AL-1212081212A
    120x220x81 4.72x8.66x3.18BC-AL-1222081222A
    120x220x91 4.72x8.66x3.58BC-AL-1222091222A
    120x360x81 4.72x14.17x3.18BC-AL-1236081236A
    150x132x90 5.90x5.19x3.54BC-AL-1513091513A
    160x160x91 6.29x6.29x3.58BC-AL-1616091616A
    160x210x100 6.29x8.26x3.93BC-AL-1621101621A
    160x260x91 6.29x10.23x3.58BC-AL-1626091626A
    160x360x91 6.29x14.17x3.58BC-AL-1636091636A
    180x180x101 7.08x7.08x3.97BC-AL-1818101818A
    230x200x111 9.05x7.87x4.37BC-AL-2320112320A
    230x200x180 9.05x7.87x7.08BC-AL-2320182320A
    230x280x111 9.05x11.02x4.37BC-AL-2328112328A
    230x330x111 9.05x12.99x4.37BC-AL-2333112333A
    313x404x111 12.32x15.90x4.37BC-AL-3140113140A
    313x404x181 12.32x15.90x7.12BC-AL-3140183140A



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    Boxco Inc.

    Country / Year Established
    South Korea South Korea / 1999
    Business type

    Exhibition 1

    Busan Expo 2022



    Kim, Ho-sung
    Sinsan-ro,134, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea
    Product Category
    Other General Industrial Equipment
    Year Established
    No. of Total Employees
    Company introduction

    BOXCO is a producer of all-purpose electric, electronic and control machinery enclosuresmade by plastic and aluminium. We acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to provide high impact and quality enclosures to customer in the world. We acquired IP66/67 for good capacity of waterproof and dustproof according to certificate standard of various quality certificate authorities in domestic and overseas.

    We can offer good standard and customized products for reasonable prices with high technology thanks to the cutting edge machinery and wide experience.We are sure of our fast and stable supply through a large sized distribution base and efficient distribution systems. We promise you to do our best for your satisfactory and value creation.

    Main Markets

    China China

    Indonesia Indonesia

    Japan Japan

    Singapore Singapore

    Taiwan Taiwan

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