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5 GasDNA


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Response Rate 30%

Main products Infrared thermometer ( IR-80, 500~1700C
Infrared thermometer ( IR-80, 500~1700C
Infrared thermometer (IR-80-H, 500~1700℃)
Infrared thermometr (IR-80, 500~1700 ℃)

Product Information

1> Introduction
DA-500 detects various combustible & toxic gases leaked from industrial areas for gas producers, gas users, gas reservoirs, gas by-producers, and so on, in order to prevent any accidents in advance. DA-500 converts digital signal into the 4-20mA standard current output signal which can be transmitted to various devices such as PLC, DDC, or recorder to build comprehensive gas monitoring system. Also, DA-500 provides RS-485 communication signal and alarm relay contact. DC 4-20mA standard output signal realizes max 2500m long distance output signal transmission and RS-485 communication signal realizes max 1000m long distance signal transmission.