Chamayu(Horse Oil) Cream

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cosmetic, facial cream, skin care, chamayu cream,
Face Cream & Lotion

Lycoris Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea / 2020
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Restores skin vitality and vigor by delivering natural horse oil ingredients with rich moisturizing force deeply into skin cells as well as gives a help in mitigating itch from dryness, wrinkle and cracking and managing horny substance and protect the skin from harmful environment to keep it to precious as like an antique while porcelain.
■ 100% Horse oil cream
■ 3 Step low temperature maturation system
■ 60 day maturation
■ No flavor
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Lycoris Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2020
Business type
Kyung-hwan Tae
108 Ogwang-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Product Category
Face Cream & Lotion
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Dedicated to the pure, clear nature of Jeju Island, our research team provides the nature at its origin with the vitality of Jeju Island, along with the technical competency and love for the health of your skin. LYCORIS is focusing on the research and new material development to grow continuously based on the high competitiveness and business capability in the fast changing cosmetic and food business environment. LYCORIS is making efforts to secure core technologies and materials like the excavation of candidate materials for new bio-matters, development of materials with high value-added commercialization feasibility, technology of mass production, extraction and refinement of new functional law materials and the excavation of new living species with massive possession of useful components.

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