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DigiCAP DMB Scrambler

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Computer Software , Computer & Information Technology Service
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DigiCAP Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Category Computer Software
Computer & Information Technology Service
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Product Information

DigiCAP DMB Scrambler

DigiCAP provides DMB Scrambler which is Stand-Alone Scrambler defined in DAB CA standard. DigiCAP DMB
Scrambler is a product for encrypting digital broadcasting content (Video/Audio/Data) to protect and manage the
interest of DMB service providers as well as the rights of consumers.

DigiCAP DMB Scrambler scrambles/encrypts broadcasting contents received from encoder. On processing, it
receives ECM (Entitlement Control Message) and EMM (Entitlement Management Message) from CAS (Conditional
Access System) and provides support in transmitting them with broadcasting content. DigiCAP Scrambler
includes function of SCS (SimulCrypt Synchronizer), CWG (CW Generator) and Scrambler that defined as Headend
components in DVB SimulCrypt standard. It provides part of Mux function for the integration between CAS
and EMMG.

Main Features

  • Easy portability which enables to support multi CAS in compliance with SimulCrypt standard.
  • Customizing scrambler with different service types
    Service Type
    MPEG-2 TS Scrambler
    Sub-channel CA
    MOT CA Scrambler


    DAB Transport




    MPEG-2 Transport


    DAB Transport


    MPEG-2 Transport
  • Stream error correction during the input-output process of Video/Audio/Data
    MPEG-2 TS
  • MPEG-2 TS Packet Level Scrambling & Reed-Solomon (204, 188) Coding support
  • Factum Encapsulation Protocol(FEP) support
  • SubCh CA/
    MOT CA Scrambler
  • Factum Encapsulation Protocol(FEP) support
  • Processing overhead reduction of device descrambling with full and partial scrambling
    - Full scrambling that encrypts all of individual MPEG-2 TS stream and partial scrambling function that transmits partially scrambled TS of MPEG-2 TS stream
    - Partial scrambling helps to reduce processing overhead of descrambling by setting up the scrambling range from 1 to 50% by operators
  • Provides Bypass Mode and CA Mode Transition function
  • Enables to set up broadcast schedule through Scrambling Control Group (SCG) on CA Mode
    - Broadcast schedule based on specific period of time or specific group of people, it could be on hourly, daily, weekly basis
  • Remote configuration & monitoring through System Configuration Manager GUI Program (Windows)
System Architecture

Main Function
There are 3 options in DigiCAP DRM Scrambler:
MPEG-2 TS Scrambler, Sub-channel CA Scrambler, MOT CA Scrambler

  • Encrypts broadcasting contents which are transmitted in MPEG-2 TS Packet form
  • ECM and EMM are transmitted together with MPEG-2 TS Stream
  • Sub-channel CA
  • Sub-channel frame unit encryption
  • Provides CA Mode Scheduling supported by MPEG-2 TS Scrambler
  • Encrypts all data packets or MPEG-2 TS packets in Sub-channel
  • MOT CA
  • Encrypts partial or full MOT object sent to MOT Directory Mode
  • Provides socket-based protocol in order to send MOT data to scrambler
  • For the integration convenience between MOT CA Scrambler and data encoder, Windows COM library
    that implemented socket-based protocol is provided to data encoder
  • Specification

    MPEG-2 TS Scrambler
    Sub-ch CA Scrambler
    MOT CA Scrambler
    Encryption Algorithm
    AES 128 bits Encryption Method
    DVB Common Scramble Algorithm
    Encryption Level
    MPEG-2 TS Packets
    DAB Sub-channel
    MOT Object (File)
    CAS Interface Support
    DVB SimulCrypt Interface (compliance with DVB SimulCrypt TS 103 197 V1.4.1)
  • ECMG ↔ SCS (supporting CW Protection)
  • EMMG ↔ MUX
  • Product Specification

    Input/Output Interface
    MPEG-2 TS Scrambler
  • IP Multicast/UDP over Ethernet
  • MPEG-2 TS Packet over ASI/Ethernet
  • ASI to ASI, IP to IP, ASI to IP, IP to ASI
  • ETI/STI over Ethernet
  • SubCh CA Scrambler
    MOT CA Scrambler
  • DigiCAP-defined Protocol over Ethernet (DigiCAP provides
    Windows COM library)
  • Dimension
    64.8(D)x43.7(W) x 4.45(H)cm
    Max Power
    Max Heating Value
    4,914 BTUs/hour

    Support for DigiCAP DMB Scrambler

    • ETSI TS 103 197 over V1.3.1, DVB SimulCrypt
    • ETSI TS 102 367 over V1.2.1, Conditional Access

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    DigiCAP Co., Ltd.

    Country / Year Established
    South Korea South Korea /
    Business type



    Dohee Lee, Yongtae Shin
    37, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
    Product Category
    Computer & Information Technology Service,Computer Software
    No. of Total Employees
    Company introduction

    DigiCAP stands for Digital Encapsulations
    “Security and Reliability in a Digi-Comfortable Way”

    DRM solution provider
    CAS solution provider
    Content security related services
    DRM ASP services

    • Founded in 1st April 2000
    • World 1st CAS+DRM solution developer for S-DMB and T-DMB
    • 19 Commercial DRM/CAS solutions for mobile/music/media/DMB/IPTV/digital home
    • Annual revenue growth rate over last five years from 2007
      to 2011 of 19%, average profits of 24%
    • Number of employees 62 : 48 high-qualified engineers
      (6 Ph.Ds & 23 Masters)
    • Share Holders : Jafco Asia, KDB, LG, SKTelcom, Donga Ilbo, iMBC
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