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ReinPlatz Intensive Moisture Foot Pack

By reinplatz cosmetic

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South Korea

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Country South Korea South Korea

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Product Information

ReinPlatz Intensive Moisture Foot Pack

High-conentrated moisturizing and nutrition treatment by natural shea butter and jojoba oil extracts for the

intensive foot care. This deep care will bring you the soft and silky foot.  

The foot care mask makes your rough and cracked feet moisturized and soft, by delivering

moistrue and nutrients deep inside ths skin.


The high-moisturizing shea butter and jojoba oil and the nutrients smooth your foot.

Soft and glowing, intensive foot care system with natural shea butter and jojoba oil.



  1. Wear foot care mask after washing your foot with warm water.
    (Use the mask by putting feet inside the double-layered felt rich with essence.)
  2. After applying for 20 minutes, take off the mask and spread the remaining essence through out entire feet.
    (Allow few mintues to absorb the essence without washing, after taking off the mask)