ZACO Fresh Water Lure (MINNOW SP80L/S)

ZACO Fresh Water Lure (MINNOW SP80L/S)

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The Outdoor Co., Ltd.

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ZACO Fresh Water Lure

What makes ZACO SP80L/S minnow series so fascinating is that the shape is an inverted triangle of shed-style. Each side is designed to be remarkably slim and bended to improve in securing the twitching and jerking action. Adopting tungsten balls and central weight mechanism to improve the long casting. distance. It has passed through every hand and careful examination from experts and a developer, including know-how and skillful experiences. As a result, it is high responsive to user's and type of action. Furthermore, adding rattle inside the body embodies a realistic vibration and wavelength that a real bait fish makes. With our company's own self-developed distinctive color, it adopts durable and sharp treble hook approved by certificated tests.

  • Best in Class Quality
  • Hand Spray process with Durability
  • High quality Paint with Visuality
  • Internal Holographic Foil
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • High Strength Treble Hooks
  • Tungsten Ball with Long Casting Design
  • Glass Rattle Inside

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The Outdoor Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Lim, Jong Wook
#202 Oseong bldg., 56, Beodeunaru-ro, , Yeongdeungpo-guSeoul,
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Always try best to produce the ultimate product We are the company that carefully research, develop, and produce distinctive lures that draws the ultimate result with superior performances. Consulting highly experienced fishing professionals and masters, our company guarantees remarkable designs and performance. Moreover, with the aid of the collective efforts of expert engineers who brilliantly work together with high-technical equipments, our company can confidently develop and produce the finest lures. As company slogan, "Making lure is a Science", our company design and develop the finest lures with the most advanced technical approaches. We will try our best to provide lure fishing mania with the products that demonstrate the best performance despite the worst field conditions.

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