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South Korea South Korea / 1991
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Product Information


We cannot escape from the influence of gravity of the Earth as long as we live in the Earth.
It is very natural phenomena that the arch is collapsed due to weight of the endured time.
Having compared balance of our body, small difference may occur due to life habit. Due to this small difference, one sided foot begins to be collapsed. It soon leads to an imbalance of body and it causes various musculoskeletal disorders. Eventually it makes normal life so difficult, causing exhaustion.

│Have you ever heard that Foot is the "second heart"?│

Capillaries and autonomic nervous system are intensively distributed in foot.
This nick name is gained because accumulated impurities on the bottom are raised by foot pressure during upright walking.

The importance of the foot is comparable to heart since small imbalance of foot causes serious symptoms including asymmetry of whole body. Due to heavy and complicated fate of feet, our feet tend to be broken down, thus, it is the time to require well being oriented proper compensation for tired and weary feet.  

The experience that you couldn’t walk properly because one part of foot sole was stabbed by sharp thorn. It makes you feel more the value of feet. So precious our feet that are priceless. Would it be more careful to keep the foot healthy?

│Where is BETTERFIT good?│

This product improves general symptoms due to imbalance of the body

  • Waist pain
  • impossibility to walk for a long time
  • foot pain for no reason
  • chronic low back pain
  • fatigue feeling
  • one sided shoe is worn down exceptionally
  • abnormal symptoms in knees, ankles and other joints
  • neck pain
  • blood circulation
  • Cross legged pace, bow legged pace
  • Unbalanced body shape due to differences in leg length
BETTERFIT is good for the people as follows

Correcting imbalance of right and left legs. 
Through proper allocation of the force, applied while walking. Supporting and keeping the arch Maintaining foot health.

Prevention of foot disease Start with BETTERFIT!




│ BETTERFIT Features│

BETTERFIT corrects imbalance between right and left legs. It is customized insole in order to correct imbalance of the body through proper allocation of the force while walking.
By providing tailored comfortable insole based on 60,000 data, 194 foot types are designed to fit Asian body. In particular, patented 3D scanning technology is applied in order to supply accurate customized insole more quickly. 

What about the process of accurate measurement of BETTERFIT?

First, after consulting with expert, suitable foot type is selected according to 3D scanning. 
In addition to comfortable walking pace, BETTERFIT makes appropriate posture.
Through 4 direction-scanning in back and forth, unbalanced body part is investigated.
Lastly, sample product is worn on checking stand in order to confirm the changed result after wearing the BETTERFIT through eyes.
Especially BETTERFIT is very effective for flat feet that are harmful for body posture as well as health.
BETTERFIT supports arch of the foot and transfer ankle weight to inside in order to correct the posture as well as reduce foot pain.

  1. Specially differentiated BETTERFIT for normal feet, elaw feet as well as flat feet.
  2. Solving imbalance of the body by correcting apparently posture when using BETTERFIT.
  3. Reducing fatigue through even distribution of weight to whole feet soles when standing for a long time.
  4. This product is suitable for gift for health since it is made of luxurious materials.
  5. This product is 100% made in Korea as the entire process is done in Korea.

│What is Orthotic? │

Previously, the purpose of general shoe insole was just to decorate inside of the shoe, focusing on design.

Compared to general insole, Osotic has design, luxurious special materials as well as effective function. It is health-oriented smart insole, called as functional insole.

For the people who mainly has foot discomfort or difficulty in normal activities, Osotic goods are divided into medical purpose and purpose of home use.

Medical purpose is for treatment or correction. The purpose of home use is for convenience and improvement of life.

│How to Make│

How to Make

Effective BETTERFIT classifies people’s feet into 194 kinds of types.
Once measured data is sent to from the store to headquarter office, then, the HQ office makes customized individual product according to individual feet shapes.

Among 194 types, most similar shape is picked up and cushion or finishing material is patched according to individual feet shapes. Tailored insoles are made in this method.

B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1991
Business type


Giwon Kim
351-4, Hwanggogae-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do
Product Category
Medical Consumables
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

The IGD Co., Ltd., established in 1991 and since has been pursuing the single business criteria of biotechnology development, is the one venture enterprises having successfully developed the Automatic Livestock Syringe System for the first time in Korea, which is as well having the specialty of 3D Scan Custom Fit Orthotic Technology. Particularly, the IGD Co., Ltd. has been most specialized in and concentrated on the field of medical equipment and solutions since the establishment. The IGD Co., Ltd. has been leading the biotechnology industry of Korea by consistently developing the variety of medical equipments required by the Korea Rural Community Corporation, medical colleges and colleges of veterinary medicine and supplying to the relevant livestock farming institutions, entities and customers. The IGD Co., Ltd. in responding the fast advancing trend of medical technology field has been investing more than 20% of entire annual sales revenue to the research and development projects in order to positively contribute assuring the healthy living of people with full of happiness particularly coping to the issues of aged people and exerting utmost effort in the development of new, innovative technologies.


The IGD Co., Ltd. operates the attached R & D Center enhancing the customized orthotic industry growth of Korea, consistently endeavoring in expansion of Korea orthotic industry toward the globalized market taking the advantage of technology power proven by the over 20 years of accumulated research and development process to date. Further, in an effort to facilitate the growth of Korea’s orthotic industry with yet developing foundation, the IGD Co., Ltd. has been contributing to enhancing the people’s health as well as trying to be a role model of success for those customized orthotic business enterprises by participating in the welfare projects of nursing homes, schools, government institutions and others with vigorous activities.


In consequence of such effort and contribution, the IGD Co., Ltd. has been able to secure the solid corporate image as an enterprise of new, innovative and state of art technologies. As well, through persistent research and development the IGD Co., Ltd. has secured the massive fine algae cultivating technology, manufacturing the future generation environment friendly fuels of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol together with pursuing the biomedicine manufacturing and other environment related businesses inclusive of biological denitrification and reduction of CO₂.


The employees and management of IGD Co., Ltd., believing in the catch phrase of “Future of a country has a stake in education with foundation of people’s welfare and health.”, are committed to be the guardian for offering the affluent and healthy living of people in its best. The IGD Co., Ltd. wishing to provide satisfaction to customers and interest to business partners in return their investments by growing to a dependable business enterprise leading the advanced technology industry for the country and people.


Looking forward to receiving the support and encouragement in the forthcoming days as well,


Best regards,


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